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Boldly Going Beyond: “Star Trek Beyond” Review

Star Trek Beyond premiered on July 22nd. It’s the third movie in the “Kelvin Timeline,” as Paramount is now calling the films produced by J.J. Abrams. I saw it in 2D on a Thursday night, then again in 3D on Saturday. I haven’t seen a movie more than once in theaters in a long time, perhaps not since Star Trek Into Darkness. When it was revealed that Simon Pegg was co-writing  and Justin Lin was directing, I breathed a sigh of relief. Star Trek Into Darkness was a movie that appeared to be a good film initially, but that the fandom later trashed. With a change in writing and direction, I was ready to enjoy Star Trek Beyond and I was not disappointed.

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine)

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Sleepy Hollow Recap: 2×01 “This is War”

Sleepy Hollow season one ended with a helluva cliffhanger: Abbie trapped in Purgatory! Katrina and Ichabod reunited, only to be separated by Henry Parrish who revealed his true colors and his true identity. Frank Irving turned himself into the police, Jenny was potentially dead in a car crash, and Katrina was taken by the Horseman of Death/Abraham while Ichabod was buried alive. With such high stakes, did the Season 2 premiere deliver?

Hint: Yes

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