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Why I Am (Thus Far) Okay With the “Splash” Remake

For those of us who are too young to remember/know of Splash, let me tell you that it was a big deal. Granted, I was on the younger side of things when the movie was “popular,” but it still left an impression that changed my mind on what fantasy movies in live action could be like.

It starred Tom Hanks and a young Daryl Hannah, telling the romantic tale of boy meets mermaid, their courtship, and how they have to run away from the government trying to experiment on her. Though to a 2016 modern audience this movie might sound ultra silly, it (in my eyes) is a classic – one that jump started the careers of its leads (along with director Ron Howard) and gave Disney one of their biggest live action hits of the decade. So when news of a remake came about, I was initially skeptical at best – until some recent news surfaced.


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