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Fe Male: Riri Williams, the New Iron Man

Last week, our Comics Contributor Kat covered the first two issues of Marvel’s ongoing Civil War II arc. Although that particular story won’t wrap up until October of this year, Marvel Entertainment is already teasing viewers about what comes next. Today’s big announcement: Riri Williams will succeed Tony Stark as Iron Man.

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Civil War II: Because The First One Wasn’t Upsetting Enough


Just when you think you get to take a break from all the Marvel drama…they go and release Civil War II. Though I am excited to see one of my favorite artist/writer pairs teaming up on this arc, will they be enough to create a successful successor to the smash hit storyline? Let’s take a look at this new series of trauma and drama and get ready to ask even more existential and philosophical questions, which we all know will eventually be answered with fists.

Get ready to choose your side…again.


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“You Just Started A War” – “Captain America: Civil War” Movie Review

Good versus Evil. The North versus The South. The Rebels versus The Empire. These are just a few of the great battles throughout history, non-fiction and otherwise. They were intense, blood filled, but someone came out on top, and whatever side you chose dictated quite a bit about yourself. Now in 2016, we have many other sides to chose, but the most important of all (in the nerd community that is) resides in the simple question: Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Personal choice aside, both teams have an argument to be made. But until you see the evidence (aka Marvel’s latest release, Captain America: Civil War, directed by the Russo Brothers), the choice rests on your own inner nerdy core.


Warning: If you consider even the tiniest of mentions a spoiler, even if they are in the trailer, you might want  to wait to read this review!

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Iron Man vs Captain America vs Batman vs Superman vs…

It’s confusing, I know.

Between Marvel exponentially expanding their cinematic universe and DC playing quick catch up, the world of superheroes on screen and off is growing dangerously close to critical mass. What’s a fan to do about all these films? Has this officially become too much of a good thing?

This week, I decided to slow down, take a deep breath, and examine what has been going on, what is going on, and what will be going on for the next few years on the big screen, as well as highlighting the differences between the two major superhero studios.

source: http://media.comicbook.com/2015/12/cwbvspoll-161631.jpg

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Divided We Fall…Head Over Heels For This Trailer!

Well, after months of waiting, several false alarms, and much speculation online…the Captain America: Civil War trailer is finally here!

And I super underestimated just how emotionally painful this trailer (and ultimately this film) is going to be. Packed with tons of heroes, strong dialogue, and a truly dividing problem, this trailer has me as excited for Civil War as the teaser for Age of Ultron had me for its respective film. Let’s take a look at this anything-but-civil piece of cinematography and what it might ultimately mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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All-New, All-Different, All Out Good Reads

*Major Spoiler Alert!*

So it’s October…You all know what that means! Candy, socially acceptable excuses to dress up as your favorite characters, and All New All Different Marvel begins!

This week, I had the opportunity to pick up three first issues of some promising upcoming arcs:

“Invincible Iron Man #1”, “Avengers #0”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy #1”

“Invincible Iron Man #1”, 2015 Cover, “Avengers #0”, 2015 Cover, “Guardians of the Galaxy #1”, 2015 Cover

Now, while a lot of people are a little wary of this huge new reboot/launch by Marvel, after reading these three issues, I’m fairly impressed. Lets take a look at what Marvel is planning to deliver in the next few months.

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Confessions of an Iron Fan

For me, it started while channel flipping. I was fourteen, just starting high school and currently in charge of the remote. There was no Netflix back in those days, so my fellow hunter gatherers and I had to click through a lot of advertisements before something interesting caught our eyes. After several minutes, a man with a blue glowing chest, appeared between a cooking show and a news report. I could have kept clicking and seen what else was on…but I flipped back. The strange glowing chest, the high-tech armor slowly being assembled around him, the basement lab, the monotone A.I. voice….I was intrigued. I stayed and watched all the way to the end. That decision sparked what my parents thought was a phase, my sister thought was annoying, and what all my friends at school thought was weird. I can say with rigid conviction that I would not be anywhere near the person I am today without Tony Stark.

These are the confessions of an Iron Fan. This is the journey this character has taken me on.

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“Civil War”: The Secret Identity Crisis–What You Need to Know


**Spoiler Alert!**

It’s no secret that Marvel’s big opener to Phase Three is Captain America: Civil War. It’s gearing up to be one of the biggest films of next year, and features a star-studded list of both actors and characters. However, as Marvel fans brace for the next big flick, there is a lot of consternation within the fan base regarding this film. Quite frankly, people are as divided over Civil War as the characters within the film. But why? Maybe because the subject matter is controversial and making it a biased film feels wrong. Maybe because with so many cast members, people fear the characters in this film will feel as out of character as certain members of the Age of Ultron team. Or maybe because the “Civil War” comics arc was a dividing storyline on its own. No matter how you slice it, this film is going to inspire a lot of discussion within the fandom. To help clear the dust, I will simultaneously be reviewing the comics arc as well as laying out several basic plot details that need to occur in order for this film to work and not leave fans disappointed.


Take a seat, not a side, people. This is Marvel’s “Civil War”.

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“Superior Iron Man”: The Never-Ending Duality of Tony Stark


Spoiler Alert!

Existentialist (n)

1.) An individual who believes or represents the idea that existence is uncertain chaos and it is they who must fight a constant inner struggle concerning morality and assume ultimate responsibility for acts of free will without ever knowing what is truly good, bad, right, or wrong.

2.) Tony flippin’ Stark.


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Is Nothing Sacred: Indiana Jones Potential Recasting


The buzz around the internet lately is that the Indiana Jones franchise is headed for a reboot with a new actor in the lead role. Given Harrison Ford’s age and the deservedly poor reviews garnered by The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this might actually be a possibility if Disney Pictures plans to continue with the franchise. No official announcement has been made as to who might take over the role despite mountains of speculation. Continue reading Is Nothing Sacred: Indiana Jones Potential Recasting