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Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast in 2018 Mary Poppins Sequel

imageSince Disney is remaking every movie they’ve ever released, rumors circulated as to what films were coming and who is going to star in them. Mary Poppins kept coming up, usually with Emily Blunt’s name attached to it. I’m happy to say those rumors are true! Mary Poppins Returns will hit movie theaters December 25, 2018. Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda was also cast in this upcoming feature. He will write new songs for the movie, and will also appear as a new character, a lamplighter named Jack. Rob Marshall is set to direct the movie. Mary Poppins Returns will feature a whole new score. Continue reading Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast in 2018 Mary Poppins Sequel

Your Broadway Sex-Ed Playlist

Everything I ever needed to know about sex, I learned from a Broadway show. No seriously. 8-year-old Kayla would watch the 10th anniversary of Les Miserables on VHS and see Madame Thenardier sing “thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much hair.” Alun Armstrong was a balding Thenardier, so those were the words that I thought made sense, and my parents never corrected me. Then as I got older, I realized I had misheard those lyrics, and Les Mis would never be the same again.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share the highly educational songs that Broadway has provided, so everyone can be well informed for their romantic endeavors.

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Dalin’s Best and Worst Films of 2014

Yes, 2015 is here. And of course, that means it is time to recap that ever so recent past, specifically in the world of movies. From adventures in space, to awkward musicals, this year was full of high “highs” and the lowest of “lows.” But what came out on top, for this picky film critic? Lets take a look, shall we? Let’s, in Rage Quit Review fashion, start with the worst. Continue reading Dalin’s Best and Worst Films of 2014

Best Movies to See Holiday Break 2014 – Girl Power Edition

So, you’re most likely experiencing something you’ve looked forward to all year: Winter Break. Though not as exciting as the MTV styled Spring Break, the winter vacation from school or work offers something equally as awesome (in my Geekette opinion): New Movies. The cinemas are packed with tons of diverse choices for every moviegoer out there, and we here at DG wanna recommend the best of the best, from the major releases to the indie flicks. If you’re looking for a small distraction from the gift exchanges and eggnog, here are some cinematic possibilities…

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A New Once Upon A Time: 5 Female Authors of Fairy Tales to Check Out

With the recent release of the Into the Woods trailer, it’s a good time to reflect on the ways in which fairy tales have become such an integral part of our cultural mindset. They have always been a popular medium; from their roots as moralizing oral tales to their most well-known present form as the notoriously circumscribed adaptations of Disney, fairy tales have fascinated and enchanted audiences of all ages. They have created beloved characters and imparted lessons about the world around us – though all too often these characters and lessons are simplified to an extreme degree, resulting in stereotypes (passive princess, evil stepmother) and dichotomies (good/evil) that support harmful ideologies and show us a biased (most often against women) view of our society.

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“Into The Woods” Trailer Is Magical And Stuff

If you’ve been following DG the past couple of months, you’ll know we’re all excited and slightly nervous about Disney/Rob Marshall’s Into The Woods movie. It either could be one of the most stunning musical-to-screen adaptations to ever grace the world of cinema, or it could be a train-wreck from hell. But with this recently released trailer and some stills, I think the majority of us now have a positive outlook on this upcoming release.

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Is Disney Afraid of Getting Lost in the Woods?

into the woodsWhen Disney decided to make a film version of Into the Woods, I was apprehensive.  I mean, it definitely can’t be toned down for children AND keep its integrity.  For those unfamiliar with the show, Into the Woods is a more psychological, darker look at the fairy tales everyone grows up with.  I’m particularly fond of this musical because it draws off of the original tales, and JUST the original tales.  However, with the original Grimm stories, readers find much more twisted events such as Cinderella’s stepsisters cutting off parts of their feet to fit into the glass slipper.  Certainly not typical Disney material. Continue reading Is Disney Afraid of Getting Lost in the Woods?

Broadway’s Best Book Steals

imageLadies and gentlemen, the day has arrived. That’s right, it’s Tony’s Day. It just so happens that this year, the Tony’s have fallen on my birthday. As the Editor of Books, I’ve decided to combine my two greatest loves and give you:

The Five Best Broadway Musicals Based on Books:

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