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The Nerd Survival Guide To Winter

Winter has finally decided to show up in New England by causing crazy snow storms. People have lost power, parking bans were placed, schools were closed, and all around chaos ensued on the roads. In honor of Mother Nature showing us her love (in a very complex, weird, and dangerous way), I bring you: The Nerd Survival Guide To Winter.


Item One: Salt


Why salt? Regular table salt is great for melting ice. I’ve been stuck at work the last few storms and the area around my car is pretty slick. Salt helps. It also helps against demons, ghosts, poltergeists, and other nasties. If you are in the Supernatural family, the Winchesters taught you to ALWAYS GRAB THE SALT. Lights flicker? Salt. Weird noises or smells? Salt. Traces of sulfur? Grab the salt. Salt is essential for the nerd’s survival.12670592_10208601460618395_3598162816834525227_n


Item Two: A Sonic Screwdriver/Flashlight


Flashlights are very handy if the power goes out. Why waste the battery on your phone using that light when you have external light that won’t drain your precious? Keep a flashlight handy. Are the lights flickering? Along with potential ghosts and demons, it could be any number of extraterrestrial beings coming to Earth to cause some mayhem in the snow. Always have a Sonic Screwdriver handy (model option is up to you). Flickering lights could be the Vashta Nerada, The Silence, or Weeping Angels (to name a few). My brain goes to the Angels because they TERRIFY ME. A Sonic is not only a great way to identify what is possibly approaching, but it can substitute as a flashlight if you have the working model. Sonic Sunglasses WILL NOT work in this case. You are trying to AVOID the dark, not be in a perpetual state of darkness.



Item Three: External Charger


If the power goes out and you have no landline, you need a phone! It is how you communicate with your loved ones, scroll through Tumblr, READ FANFICTION! I have bad service at my job, so my battery drains easy. I usually keep it plugged in, but if there is no power how can I charge it? External battery packs come in handy. They are part of my convention bag and now part of my winter bag. How else am I going to read fanfiction all day?


Item Four: Warm Clothes/Warm Food


Some employers don’t let you leave right away in the event of a power outage. Things will get cold. Make sure you have an extra sweatshirt and some gloves. Bundle up if you get cold.No need to get sick because your employer cares more about business than your health and safety! Make sure you also have food that doesn’t need to be thrown in a refrigerator or a microwave. The fridge needs to stay closed so the items inside don’t perish, and, well, the microwave has no power. Try to plan ahead.


Item Six: Entertainment

You may be sitting there for a while. Bring a book, or three, to keep you entertained while you wait for the okay to safely trek home. No need to use your phone while it’s charging; that will just slow down the process (however, time checks are okay). Bring crossword puzzles or something! You could be stuck for a couple of hours and that is never fun. Bundle up the best you can and read.



There you have it! My Winter Survival Guide. This will work well if you are home without power, and (obviously) stuck at work like I was. Stay safe this winter and until next time!
If you have any survival items you think should be on this list, comment below! Let’s discuss.