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Costume Couture: What to do with a Problematic Pattern?

There are lots o’internet articles and memes nowadays concerning expectation vs. reality, from cheap garments to fast food, and a whole host of topics in-between. Even Cake Wrecks and Pinterest Fail play into this concept, because, let’s face it— no one has a 100% accuracy rate when it comes to their artistry. Whether you’re an experienced baker or a the greenest novice of crafters, there is a huge amount of trial-and-error before such things can be perfected. Plus, it’s healthy to appreciate one’s mistakes, even if it means having a laugh  from time-to-time.

Lucy's sewing project go unsurprisingly awry!
Lucy’s sewing project went unsurprisingly awry!

I recently had my own experience regarding expectation/reality when it came to a commercial pattern that I had procured a little while ago. While I’m not at all surprised that the outcome of the garment I made looked different from the image on the pattern envelope (for instance, I decided upon a different method of using the fabric), I was rather perplexed by the fact that the garment I made with the pattern pieces extracted from the the envelope didn’t actually look at all like the advertised picture. The pattern cost a mere buck, however, and I’m willing to try most patterns that look promising and interesting.

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