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“Quite Vexing” – “Suicide Squad” Movie Review

Earlier this year, the world was treated to an interesting entry in the DC movie universe. Yes, Batman v. Superman left many of us movie lovers in a bit of a divide, and I sadly was one that still has a reserved seat on that hater train (at least when it comes to the theatrical cut of film) and it is a spot that is hard to move from. But with the release of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. has yet again left the nerd community in a weird spot – are we supposed to enjoy this movie or hate it like Rotten Tomatoes would like us to? Well, internet, that decision is of course, up to you. But, as someone that likes to think for herself when it comes to films (obviously) I decided to go into this new DCU flick with a pair of fresh eyes. The results? Well that takes a bit of explaining.


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Margot Robbie To Produce All Female DC Movie

Harley Quinn fans rejoice! According to the Hollywood Reporter, our girl will be headlining a spin-off adventure. This project will not be a solo-film, however. Sources are saying this film will be a female centric cast of DC’s superheros and villains. Potential plots and other characters involved are being kept very hush-hush. The only other names and plots being thrown around with the project are Batgirl and the Birds of Prey plotline.


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A Bombshell Review: DC Comics Bombshell Fashion Collection




You may remember from my previous reviews that Hot Topic and I have a love/hate relationship. I love everything about the clothes, and the hardcore representations of fandoms. I just can’t stand their sizing! This time around, DC Comics Bombshell collection is on the block. Fortunately, my local Hot Topic had every item from the line in store. Everything I tried on is a size XL, except for the Wonder Woman shorts, which are a size 15. A quick note before we dive in, I am not wearing the proper undergarments. I wasn’t expecting everything to be in store, so pardon the sports bra. Let’s begin!

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Harleen Style Line Revisit

A few months back, I discussed the “lifestyle” line Harleen. DC is cashing in on their cash cow known as Harley Quinn. I, very obviously, had my reservations about the whole concept of the line. Last Thursday, however, I got an email from Hot Topic announcing its release.

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Harley Quinn to Debut in “Suicide Squad”

SuicideSquadThere’s been a lot to talk about in the film universe when it comes to Marvel and DC.  Lately, Batman vs. Superman has been one of the most talked about projects on the DC horizon with its estimated 2016 release date.  There is another rumored project with a possible premiere in 2016 that I find far more exciting, and that is Suicide Squad.

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A Harley Quinn Clothing Line?? A Melissa Reads Rant

It has been stated on this blog several times that I have an issue with fashion lines, clothes shopping, and sizing. This leads us into an interesting look at DC’s new “lifestyle” line, called Harleen.

 Yes, friends, DC is digging more into the cash cow known as Harley Quinn to gain money from the masses. And it is a smart idea. I feed into it. I own so many Harley Quinn articles of clothing, keychains, figurines, and comics, that I will honestly buy more of the clothes. I’m a Harley cosplayer, it happens. But it raises some concerns for me, and others that I have talked to, about the sizing.

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Melissa Reads: Harley Quinn

Since working at my salon, I have found myself in need of reading material for downtime. My first choice?  Comic books…the natural choice. We start off this comic book journey with an obvious choice if you know me personally: Harley Quinn.  I cosplay as her, so I’m naturally hyper critical of anything she appears in.

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