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Costume Couture: Spruce-up your style!

Did you ever pick a piece of clothing up during a sale or at a thrift store, thinking that it has some promise, but it just needed a little something extra? Or do you already have a garment that would look really great with a cosplay or costume of yours, but it requires a little enhancement or ornamentation to make it truly part of your look?


With a little thought and a little money (or just some skillful scavenging) it can be pretty easy to transform articles of clothing from meh to marvelous! No matter what your style– steampunk, goth, lolita– maybe a few finishing touches is all you need to spruce-up your style. Interested in some inspiration? Keep reading to see how I took an average thriftstore find and kick its interest up a couple of notches!

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Gothic to Goth: A Review.

If you hadn’t noticed a theme in the type of museum exhibits that I like to frequent, other than costume and fashion shows in general, take a gander at Fashion Victims and Yesterday’s mourning. Thus, the Wadsworth Atheneum’s (located in Hartford, Connecticut) promising exhibit Gothic to Goth: Romantic Era’s Fashion and its Legacy was definitely on my list of must-see exhibitions.

Revenant #2
Revenant #2

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Why Daily Geekette Will Miss Wicked Faire

imageWicked Faire, for those who don’t know, is a winter Renaissance Faire for adults (and older teens). It’s one part Ren fair, one part concert festival, and one part kink. Over the years, Wicked Faire has had some awesome themes like Wonderland, Halloween, fairy tales, and Wonka. The con has celebrated subcultures from goth to steampunk and everything in between. Wicked Faire is special. It’s the kind of place where anyone can be themselves. Sadly, this past weekend was the last Wicked Faire.

Daily Geekette has only been represented at Wicked Faire for the last two years. However, I have been to five, and some of our staff have attended more. Wicked Faire holds a special place in plenty of hearts, and some con regulars, including several Geekettes, have shared why this is and some favorite memories.

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Fashion, costume and historical garb: Museum exhibits for every clotheshorse!

I could wander at length around most museums,  finding endless, personal, and silent entertainment in what is on view. Personally, a great collection or exhibit has the ability to both exhilarate and to exhaust the mind; the inspiration I glean is abundant and utterly gratifying in the most sublime of manners.

There happen to be an amazing array of fashion and historic costume-inspired exhibits that are currently on view, or are slated for dates within the next year. Keep on reading to discover a few of the gems that I am really excited about!

Pardon my haste... I have a date at the museum!
Pardon my haste… I have a date at the museum!

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“The Craft” Reboot Possibly on the Table

the_craft__spanThere are a lot of movies that make me terribly nostalgic especially when it comes to my high school days.  It’s not that I’d ever want to repeat those years.  I’ve had enough teenage angst and school uniforms to last me several lifetimes, but there were good moments that I miss.  The Craft is one of those movies that calls to mind late nights with my girlfriends sleeping over, popcorn, ridiculous attempts at seances, and just being young.    Needless to say, The Craft has always has a soft spot in my heart.  Recently, rumors that it might be in for a reboot have begun circulating around the net, filling me with little pangs of anticipation, or maybe that’s anxiety. Continue reading “The Craft” Reboot Possibly on the Table

Quick-and-dirty Halloween costumes.

If you groan internally whenever someone mentions costume party, or if you’re short on funds or time, don’t worry about overthinking your costume! In time for Halloween, here are some easy and quick inspirations; of course, you can make these costumes as simple or involved as you’d like. Overall, I tried to list some ideas that can be created without a lot of time or monetary commitment, but are still interesting, different and not just another store-bought bag costume.


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Michael Keaton In Talks for Beetlejuice 2

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4863776/tim-burton-and-michael-keaton-reportedly-in-discussions-for-beetlejuice-2
Source: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4863776/tim-burton-and-michael-keaton-reportedly-in-discussions-for-beetlejuice-2

Rumors of a Beetlejuice sequel have been toying with my heart for years now, but a recent interview with Michael Keaton may give fans some real hope. Keaton has apparently been in contact with none other than Tim Burton about reprising his role as everyone’s favorite debaucherous bio-exorcist.  He stated that “if [Tim Burton]’s in, it’s going to be hard not to be in.”

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