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CTCon 2016 – Dalin’s Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I got to attend ConnectiCon 2016 – a convention that I hold really close to my heart. I love the unique mixture of nerdy guests they get, along with having a big con feel with (currently) enough space to explore and not get those tight and smelly issues that most popular cons suffer from. ConnectiCon is also an event that seems to pride itself on diversity, whether it be within the content it offers, or the incredible amounts of different people that are drawn to attend year after year. These things, and more, keep me coming back to this Connecticut homegrown convention without fail, and this year had some fantastic highlights that need to be celebrated.

IMG_6410 IMG_6411

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“Ghost Girls” – “Ghostbusters” (2016) Movie Review

“I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts” is a phrase most of you have probably heard before. But for the people behind the reboot of Ghostbusters, they’ve had to change that iconic catch phrase to one that references the even scarier corners of the internet. Yes, the World Wide Web spoke yet again that it was out for blood with this remake of their childhood favorite movie, and they were gonna hate it no matter what. But for the few of you that have boldly decided to have a mind of your own objective opinions and to give this movie a shot (unlike many who have seemed to), let me open up a can of Ecto-Cooler and give you an honest-to-Slimer, non-cash advancement or goal oriented take on this “ever so controversial” new Hollywood release.


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Dalin’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2016

Well hello there, New Year! Glad to see you join us. You sure have a lot to live up to, as 2015 left a pretty high standard for the movie-going experience, particularly of those about far away galaxies. So what movies can and should you look forward to in 2016? Well I certainly can’t force any particular choices onto your personal list, but I definitely want to tell you mine, in the hopes that we can celebrate their releases together!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at my picks for what movies I’m excited to see in 2016.

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Goodbye September, Hello Halloween!

OH FRABJOUS DAY! Tomorrow the month of HALLOWEEN is upon us! Well, okay, so technically, tomorrow is the first of October, but I know I’m not the only Geekette who likes to celebrate one of her absolute favorite holidays a little on the early side, right?

A bat costume for fancy-dress ball. Engraved French fashion plate, 1887.
A bat costume for fancy-dress ball. Engraved French fashion plate, 1887.

Additionally, it’s never too early for someone to start daydreaming ideas or mentally putting a costume together, especially if it’s on the complex side of dressing-up. Even if it’s super simple, coming-up with costume inspiration is really fun, so since it would be impossible for me to see all of the ideas I have come to wearable fruition, here’s a brief selection of costume suggestions I’d like to share!

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First Image of New “Ghostbusters” Uniforms and Proton Pack Released

Many have speculated what the heck the new, all female Ghostbusters movie is going to be like. From the casting, humor, mood – everything has been speculated. But now, with production underway, we’re finally getting our first look into this new girl power team of ghostbustin’ fighters will be like, thanks to director Paul Feig’s Twitter account.

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2014: A Little Closer to Equality

Let’s face it, everyone knows the film industry has a long way to go when it comes to treating women as equals.  It remains a fact that for roughly every fifteen male directors there is just one female director, only 30.8% of speaking roles go to women, and the majority of major motions pictures seem to be marketed to men.  Not only that, but women seldom get the roles that their male counterparts are offered, and are generally expected to wear revealing clothing or appear partially naked with far greater frequency than male actors (28.8% of the time compared to 7% for men).  Still, despite this, 2014 was a pretty good year to be a woman in the movie industry, or just a woman who wants to watch movies.

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“Ghostbusters” Might Get an All Girl Reboot

ghostbusters-lego-directors-in-talks-for-ghostbusters-3Hollywood is doing another reboot.  That’s not shocking.  What’s up for a revisit this time?  Apparently, Ghostbusters, one of my all time favorite 80’s movies.  Just thinking about it brings back fond childhood memories.  I spent at least 2 years unable to decide if I wanted to be a ghostbuster or a ninja turtle when I grew up.   Continue reading “Ghostbusters” Might Get an All Girl Reboot