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Nasty Nerds at the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, over 2.9 million people participated in the Women’s March worldwide.  6 writers for Daily Geekette were present in four different cities on the east coast.  From pussycat hats and speeches to feminist icons and nerdy protest signs, read about our different Women’s March experiences.

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A Switched Gender-Role Experience from the Other Side of the World

Last week, I experienced an interesting instance of gender-role reversal on the streets of Shanghai. “I hope we don’t get split up,” my male friend said to me. “If I have a girl with me, maybe they will leave me alone.” It took me a second to realize the irony of this statement. Normally, it’s a woman who is glad to have a male presence beside her when she walks at night to deter street harassment. How many times had my male friends walked me home at night? Who would have thought I’d ever get to return the favor? Continue reading A Switched Gender-Role Experience from the Other Side of the World

Is “Maleficent” part of rape culture?

Maleficent01I finally got to the theater to see Maleficent this week and I was troubled.  Rather than rehash the animated film, it made Maleficent a multi-dimensional character with flaws, emotions, compassion and a genuine motive behind her actions.  It also made her, in the end, not really the bad guy or at least not completely the bad guy.  However, playing a prominent role in the film was something even more troubling, especially considering the movie had a PG rating and was designed to be young-person friendly, a very clear, at least to me anyway, allusion to rape as the motivation behind Maleficent’s curse.  The fact that sexual violence against women can be alluded to, earn a PG rating, and, in fact, barely raise any eyebrows says a lot about our culture and its attitude towards women, especially as they are portrayed in the media. Continue reading Is “Maleficent” part of rape culture?

NJ Judge Rules In Favor of Mom in the Delivery Room.

The opinions in this blog post are solely that of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the other bloggers, editors, or affiliates of the Daily Geekette. This post discusses bodily autonomy, feminism, and touches on violations of consent (i.e. sexual assault). 

I identify strongly as a feminist. The reason I was so drawn to be involved with the Daily Geekette is because it gave us women a voice that is so often ignored, belittled, or simply talked over. Through this blog, our voices are heard. We aren’t accused of being “fake geek girls” just because we’re women and have passions that are deemed geeky. It’s not just the accusations of being impostors in loving things that we genuinely take pleasure in– it’s more than that. So often our voices are silenced. So often our personal agency as people first and foremost is taken from us. This ranges from being belittled and harassed at cons to being left out of legal discussions that concern our bodies and our lives. These issues are ongoing and extremely troubling.

Earlier this week, a very controversial ruling was decided by a New Jersey judge regarding the rights of the patient versus the rights of the biological father in the delivery room during birth. The judge ruled in favor of the patient, stating that the biological father’s presence during labor would provide “unwarranted strain” on the patient, and that the mother of the child, the patient in question, has the right to privacy and bodily autonomy.  Continue reading NJ Judge Rules In Favor of Mom in the Delivery Room.