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AMERICA YES: America Chavez Slated for Solo Series

As someone who doesn’t get to read comics as often as I’d like, I learn about the coolest characters through my friends, and occasionally Tumblr. So while I’m not the go-to expert on Young Avenger America Chavez, I’m no less pumped today’s NYCC news.

This fan-favorite female superhero will be getting a solo title in 2017! Why is Miss America so beloved? She’s a Latin-American LGBTQ teenager saving the world one punch at a time. Her powers include super strength, invulnerability, flight, and tearing holes in reality.


The book is simply titled America and will feature cover work by Jamie McKelvie, who worked on Young Avengers. Details are still sparse, but DG will be sure to report more as it becomes available.

What do you hope to see in America’s solo series? Share in the comments!

No, But Seriously, Where Are the Female Superheroes Who Look Like Role Models?

No! Stop it! This is backwards!
No! Stop it! This is backwards!

With Purim just hours away, I’ve been thinking about who I’d like to dress up as this year. My Hebrew school students and I have conversations about superheroes every single week, but never about female superheroes. Occasionally, I’ll try to bring up a really cool female superhero I love, but the conversation almost always centers around men.

That said, I really wanted to dress up as a super awesome female comic book character (that my students would recognize), but the problem is I CAN’T WALK INTO A PLACE OF WORSHIP DRESSED LIKE A SINGLE FEMALE SUPERHERO.

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