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Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics


The comic book world can be incredibly overwhelming.  Comic book stores are geared toward longtime readers, putting the most recent issue in front, and then everything else in bins.  Sometimes the bins are separated into DC, Marvel, and indie.  Sometimes they’re straight up alphabetical.  If you decide you’re going to go for trade, meaning several issues bound into a book that hopefully conveys a full storyline, you then have to hope that your comic series does not interact with any other comics, because then you’ve got to buy the crossovers to get the full story.  THEN, pray your story doesn’t jump into a parallel universe that already existed and has rules that have been explained in another series.

I want to tell you about some of the issues I faced when starting to get into comics. Luckily, I worked at Borders at the time, and had some really awesome co-workers who helped me get on the right track.  Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up over my years of getting into comics: Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics

Fables 150: Farewell Will Make You Cry

imageFables, one of Vertigo’s most well-loved series, ends this month. The series, written by Bill Willingham, started in 2002, spawned three spin-off series, a crossover with Unwritten, a novel, and a video game. It has been a gateway drug to non-superhero comic books and a catalyst for change in the comic book industry. Willingham and Mark Buckingham, the series’ main artist, chose to end Fables with a giant last issue, Fables 150, or Volume 22, for those of you who read the trade paperbacks.

The book is two different entities: the end of the story currently unfolding and the last stories of a plethora of beloved characters. In Volume 21, readers started to get a few of these, “The last story of…” pages, and it was the perfect way to wrap up the series.

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The Best Tales as Old as Time: Charming Beauty and the Beast Retellings

imageAnyone who knows me knows that I adore Beauty and the Beast. It was the first movie I ever saw. It was the first show I ever saw on Broadway. It made me the avid reader I am. With the new movie version coming out, I find myself craving to be told my favorite story again.

If you’re like me and always looking for a new twist on an old tale, I have some suggestions. All of these retellings are unique and stand out, but also maintain the themes of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s original tale. From simple picture books to extremely grown-up novels, I think I’ve included something for everyone:

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25 Geekette Book Recommendations

Today is my twenty fifth birthday! This means I get to be a little selfish. As a teacher and a former bookseller, there are books I have always wanted to shove at everyone I meet, whether they like it or not. Obviously they are great books, but they aren’t popular, so people don’t want to pick them up.

Here are the 25 books I wish all Geekettes would read:

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Move Over Elsa — 5 Other Snow Queens to Read About this Winter

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not bashing Frozen. It was a very delightful movie, but it’s gotten an obscene amount of hype, making it feel as overplayed as a ubiquitous Christmas carol. Disney was not the first to tell the story of a Snow Queen, nor will they be the last. If you’re craving a Snow Queen fix this Yuletide season, but you already own every piece of Frozen merchandise, or you’re going to explode if you hear “Let it Go” one more time, check out one of these six reads that also feature wintry wonder women: Continue reading Move Over Elsa — 5 Other Snow Queens to Read About this Winter

Most Anticipated Books of 2015

With 2014 coming to a close, there are a lot of things I’m going to remember fondly, however I’m very excited for 2015 to start and the main reason is books! 2014 had some great ones, but I’m ready to start reading some items that I’ve been anticipating for a very long time. I also feel that 2015 is going to bring a lot of conclusions to some wonderful series.

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Cinderella is Not a Damsel in Distress and I’ve Got 5 Books to Prove It.

imageDisney released a trailer last week for their new live action Cinderella movie more or less based on their animated version. Yes, it looks beautiful. But plot wise, is it anything new? It honestly looks part like Disney’s animated film and part Ever After. The only thing about this movie that looked exciting to me is Helena Bonham Carter as Cindy’s Fairy God Mother. Who wouldn’t want that?!?!

Cinderella has proven to me time and again to be a really tough cookie in books, and I have no idea why this hasn’t translated to screen yet. Think about it: she lost both her parents and had to care for three selfish women for years. Not only would this give her crazy physical strength, it would also give her the toughest skin and patience to deal with anything. There are five books that I love way more than any film version of Cinderella (or t.v. OUAT, you did depressing things with your untapped well of Cinderella plot) I’ve seen.

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Graphic Novels of Summer

What I love most about graphic novels is that I get a well told story, beautifully illustrated, in a very short time. I love big, wordy books, but every once in a while, I want a whole story in one sitting. This summer, some beautiful, women-friendly comics have come out. Continue reading Graphic Novels of Summer

Dragons and Women: A Winning Combination

imageDragons have become very popular recently. With George R. R. Martin and Peter Jackson giving dragons new life on the screen (though technically both The Hobbit and Game of Thrones have been around for years) it’s not uncommon to find gifs of dragons, sketches of dragons, and even cakes with dragons on them on the internet. Originally, dragons were the enemy. Now…? Dragons are often still the enemy, but more and more they’re becoming the friend, the allies in battle. Perspective on these gold-obsessed creatures is changing in a fascinating way.

There are several dragon books I’m particularly fond of because of their portrayal of women. I love seeing the relationships between humans and dragons in different worlds, or maybe just how a world of dragons would work.

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Culture Shock at Ireland Comic Con

This past weekend I attended my first non-U.S. comic book convention.  Though on the surface it looked just like any other comic con I’ve ever been to, there were a few things I found to be a bit strange. Continue reading Culture Shock at Ireland Comic Con