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Finding Dory: First Trailer

Find your exit buddy and prepare for a wilder ride than the East Australian Current: the Finding Dory trailer is here! For over two years, I’ve had a theory about the plot of this movie, and I think my theory is coming true!

I was thirteen when Finding Nemo came out, and I was kind of obsessed with it. Recite-the-whole-movie obsessed. So when a sequel about everyone’s favorite blue tang was announced, I had one all-consuming theory. Do you recall Dory explaining her condition to Marlin after she forgets him the first time?

“I have short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least, I think it does….Hmm. Where are they?”


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Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

Remember that dragon post I wrote a while back that was inspired by a really cool book I picked up from NetGalley? The book, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, came out this past May and the movie rights have already been squabbled over by a few film studios with Warner Bros coming out on top. When the film rights have been purchased before the book was even out a full month, you know it’s good. Just remember: we’ve been obsessing over it since March. Continue reading Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros