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Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

Remember that dragon post I wrote a while back that was inspired by a really cool book I picked up from NetGalley? The book, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, came out this past May and the movie rights have already been squabbled over by a few film studios with Warner Bros coming out on top. When the film rights have been purchased before the book was even out a full month, you know it’s good. Just remember: we’ve been obsessing over it since March. Continue reading Breaking News: Uprooted Film to be Produced by Warner Bros

*Spoilers* The Importance of Rachel Hartman’s Shadow Scale

Rachel Hartman’s debut novel, Seraphina, is an amazing book. I loved everything about it. With her excellent world building, Hartman created this magical place with it’s own very complex lore. The dragons are fascinating, the humans are well fleshed out, and the story was riveting. You can find my whole review of Seraphina here.

imageShadow Scale, the much anticipated sequel, blew Seraphina away. At almost 600 pages, this tome read quickly. I can not praise Hartman’s pacing enough. There were really thrilling scenes that had me turning pages like I was reading a flip book, but there were also really sweet scenes in between. Shadow Scale features travel heavily, but does not feel like an epic journey in the same way that Lord of the Rings does.

The world building in this novel was even better than in the first. As Seraphina journeys, readers get a firsthand look at the world around Goredd. It would make me so happy if Hartman wrote more novels in this world. I especially loved Abdo’s homeland Porphyry.

When I speculated as to what Shadow Scale would be about, I did not fully anticipate the novel I got. I knew Seraphina would go looking for other half dragons. I knew there would be some love triangle between Seraphina, Kiggs, and Glisselda. I knew there would be a war. I had no idea what the story would actually revolve around.


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Here There Be Dragons…Sort of. Top 5 Unconventional Dragon Stories

Dragon-slaying is so old-school. But if you don’t slay dragons, what do you do with them? The authors of these five works have some unique ideas, having reimagined the nature of dragons and built up stories around them. If you love dragons but are tired by the same old treasure-hunting, maiden-eating cliché, I invite you to check these out. Continue reading Here There Be Dragons…Sort of. Top 5 Unconventional Dragon Stories

Seraphina: A Long Overdue Review

imageI remember when this book first came out. I was at New York Comic Con two years ago, and the publisher had one display copy. The cover is beautiful and hints at this wonderful fantasy world where dragons and humans coincide. I knew immediately that I wanted to read it.

Why this took me two years to finally pick up, I will never know, but readers, I am telling you to read it right now, and I sincerely hope you do immediately.
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Dragons and Women: A Winning Combination

imageDragons have become very popular recently. With George R. R. Martin and Peter Jackson giving dragons new life on the screen (though technically both The Hobbit and Game of Thrones have been around for years) it’s not uncommon to find gifs of dragons, sketches of dragons, and even cakes with dragons on them on the internet. Originally, dragons were the enemy. Now…? Dragons are often still the enemy, but more and more they’re becoming the friend, the allies in battle. Perspective on these gold-obsessed creatures is changing in a fascinating way.

There are several dragon books I’m particularly fond of because of their portrayal of women. I love seeing the relationships between humans and dragons in different worlds, or maybe just how a world of dragons would work.

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How I Prepared for the Game of Thrones Season Finale

Although most of you I imagine watched the Games of Thrones season finale right along with me last night as it aired, some of you may be saving it for a later date, or waiting to watch it with loved ones after they’re caught up. Maybe some of you are even planning to watch it again tonight! Either way, I thought I would share the three steps I took to prepare for watching the finale, as well as some of my actual thoughts about the episode (but those are a below a spoiler warning, so feel free to read the first half, and come back and read my thoughts after you’ve watched the episode). Enjoy!

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