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Possible Hope for Syfy’s “Dominion”

Some of you may remember my earlier post about upcoming summer shows, but other than professing my love for Penny Dreadful, I haven’t really mentioned any of those titles since. That isn’t because I haven’t been watching them – I’ve seen at least the first episode, because I like to check out new shows even if I don’t stick with them. One show that I have been following, however, is Dominion. Based on the 2010 movie Legion which got many a bad review, Dominion takes place 25 years after the events of the film. Set in the city of Vega (formerly Las Vegas), the baby who was the Chosen One is now all grown up, and a soldier.

Oh gee, a 2:1 ratio of men to women in the promo photo! (Source)

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New Summer Shows: Promo Round-Up

Somehow I managed to be oblivious to most of the new shows that were premiering this summer – I blame the haze of packing and graduating and traveling. But hey, now I have a BA! So for this week’s post I did a round of new shows that have just premiered or will be premiering sometime this summer that I think sound intriguing, or might be of interest to my fellow Geekettes. Lots of promos below!

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