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Vesture Vocab III: Lexical Decorations for your Costumes and Conversations

Are you in the market for something interesting to add to your costume or cosplay? Halloween is practically around the corner, after all. If you’re searching for a costume or design detail to put the finishing touches on an ensemble, or just plain looking for weird words to wow your Scrabble buddies, Vesture Vocab is here to help!


There are two previous installments (I and II), so if you don’t find what you want here, perhaps you could take a gander at the other articles for assistance!

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Let Them Eat Cake: A Harry Potter Baking Experiment

Happy Harry Potter week, friends! Our annual celebration is upon us. Our queen, J.K. Rowling, and The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, are another year older. In honor of this joyous time, we will be recreating Harry’s birthday cake made by our favorite keeper of keys, Hagrid. This cake is being made in super easy mode: the cake has two ingredients and the frosting is store-bought. So, sit tight and follow me on this magical baking journey. Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake: A Harry Potter Baking Experiment

Costume Couture: Commercial Pattern Radness!

Are you into creating your own wearable works on art? Do you not always have either the time, supplies or know-how to pattern or drape a garment from scratch? Luckily, whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a beginning sewist, there are a plethora of commercial patterns at your disposal for your costuming needs.


Some pattern companies are readily hopping onto the cosplay train, creating patterns that are inspired by current superhero, fantasy and sci-fi themes, while others have always catered to the historical recreationists, providing patterns based off of extant garments and other research. Today, I’m going to give an overview of some of the pattern manufacturers whom you might want to check-out when you’re next in the market to sew-up a new frock, suit or other outfit.

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All RUFFled up!

In the spirit of previous pieces like Wingin’ It and Getting Ahead, here’s a fairly easy (at least in comparison) sewing project  for a fun and interesting accessory that could be a cool addition to a period costume or cosplay.

Ruffs, like many historical garments, are a sometimes beautiful, frequently over-the-top and periodically perplexing item of clothing that originated around the time of the Northern Renaissance and saw many incarnations up to and throughout the Baroque Period. What started as a lacy collar attached to the neck of a doublet eventually became a separate piece of clothing that the wearer–usually upper class–had around his or her neck.

Elizabeth I of England, artist unknown, c. 1575. The ruff accessory seemed to have originated in menswear, but it was soon incorporated into everyone's high fashion.
Elizabeth I of England, artist unknown, c. 1575. The ruff accessory seemed to have originated in menswear, but it was soon incorporated into high fashion for all. Note the cuffs have the same treatment as the collar of this gown.

Ruffs could range from dainty little things to ludicrously gigantic, and this particular embellishment saw numerous incarnations, starting as a heavily starched collar that eventually becoming a softer, but still rather voluminous and highly decorative, neck decoration toward the end of its popularity. For a really awesome and thorough pictorial history of the ruff, check out The Closet Historian!

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Goodbye September, Hello Halloween!

OH FRABJOUS DAY! Tomorrow the month of HALLOWEEN is upon us! Well, okay, so technically, tomorrow is the first of October, but I know I’m not the only Geekette who likes to celebrate one of her absolute favorite holidays a little on the early side, right?

A bat costume for fancy-dress ball. Engraved French fashion plate, 1887.
A bat costume for fancy-dress ball. Engraved French fashion plate, 1887.

Additionally, it’s never too early for someone to start daydreaming ideas or mentally putting a costume together, especially if it’s on the complex side of dressing-up. Even if it’s super simple, coming-up with costume inspiration is really fun, so since it would be impossible for me to see all of the ideas I have come to wearable fruition, here’s a brief selection of costume suggestions I’d like to share!

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Costume Couture: What to do with a Problematic Pattern?

There are lots o’internet articles and memes nowadays concerning expectation vs. reality, from cheap garments to fast food, and a whole host of topics in-between. Even Cake Wrecks and Pinterest Fail play into this concept, because, let’s face it— no one has a 100% accuracy rate when it comes to their artistry. Whether you’re an experienced baker or a the greenest novice of crafters, there is a huge amount of trial-and-error before such things can be perfected. Plus, it’s healthy to appreciate one’s mistakes, even if it means having a laugh  from time-to-time.

Lucy's sewing project go unsurprisingly awry!
Lucy’s sewing project went unsurprisingly awry!

I recently had my own experience regarding expectation/reality when it came to a commercial pattern that I had procured a little while ago. While I’m not at all surprised that the outcome of the garment I made looked different from the image on the pattern envelope (for instance, I decided upon a different method of using the fabric), I was rather perplexed by the fact that the garment I made with the pattern pieces extracted from the the envelope didn’t actually look at all like the advertised picture. The pattern cost a mere buck, however, and I’m willing to try most patterns that look promising and interesting.

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Getting ahead[-piece].

Ever thought about a Star Wars-esque cosplay of Queen Amidala in one of her ornate, over-the-top, regal outfits? Perhaps a The Emperor’s New Groove’s Kuzco costume is more your speed. Or, maybe you have an OC that has some awesome millinery, but you’re just not sure how or where to get started on such a project. Well, hopefully this tutorial will be of some assistance!

This summer’s productions have taken me a little out of my comfort zone as a costume designer, which is great in the long run, as it helps me to build and develop new skills. Plus, with the amount of trial-and-error that occurred, my projects also taught me a lot about what doesn’t work, which, while frustrating at the time (for myself and the people assisting me), is beneficial going forward.

Unfortunately, this falls into the 'didn't quite work-out' category...
Unfortunately, this falls into the ‘error’ category…

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Emergency Cosplay Kit

This week is around the time last year I posted my Life Hacks article. You can read that fabulous article by clicking here. However, this got me thinking that convention season is fast approaching and we all need an emergency kit. This week, we will be going over what you will need in your emergency kit. For organization’s sake, I will be breaking things down into three categories. Continue reading Emergency Cosplay Kit

Character Makeover– Part V.

It’s been a while, but I’m finally picking-up the pencil once again to bring you the fifth installment of my Teen Titans character makeover series. Next-up on the drawing board is the Titans’ affable half-man, half-machine: Cyborg!


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The Gal-lery: The Geekettes talk costumes!



In celebration of Halloween, this month’s Gal-lery is going to spotlight The Daily Geekette’s very own staff– I’m going to delve into their costume past and find out what sort of fancifully-garbed outlooks they have for future costumed endeavors!

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