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5 Disney Attractions That Should Be Movies

Soon I make the pilgrimage to the promised land, or what most of you might know of as Disneyland, the first of the Disney theme park legacy. Whenever I make such a trip, I always think about which of the attractions (rides) I am the most excited to experience yet again. From roller coasters, to dark rides, to 3D shows, all of the attractions Disney has to offer (in all their parks) take us to worlds that, in my opinion, deserve some kind of cinematic tribute. So let’s grab our park maps, and take a look at some of the stories┬áthat I believe deserve to make it from the Main Street hub to the big screen.

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Ryan Gosling will (most likely) star in Del Toro’s “Haunted Mansion”



A couple of weeks ago, a picture surfaced that featured two of my favorite individuals hanging out at the Happiest Place on Earth. I had a feeling this was no random mistake on their part, and something was definitely cooking up. And sure enough, the best thing ever to be heavily rumored was prepping in the House of Mouse kitchen. That’s right, that Haunted Mansion movie is finally happening, and Ryan Gosling is gonna be in it. Sound the trumpets, and queue the Ghost Host, today is indeed a good day! (Source)

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