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More Than Passing Fair–A Review of Fairest

For those of you not in the know, Melissa Meyer’s latest addition to the Lunar Chronicles just came out on January 27th. Fairest is more of a prequel than a sequel in the series, and came as a surprise to readers who were expecting to get their hands on the final book, Winter, around this time.

Fairest Cover

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The Daily Geekette’s Best of 2014!

The votes are in! Today, on the day of the Golden Globes, we here at the Daily Geekette would like to formally announce the winners of the Best of 2014 Awards!

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It’s Cyborg Monday!

imageIf you’ve got no idea what I’m writing about, it’s got to do with The Lunar Chronicles, a series of retold fairy tales set in the future. Cinder is a cyborg who loses more than her shoe at the ball, Scarlet’s big bad wolf may or may not have some genetic modifications, and Cress is not in a tower, but a space station orbiting earth. This series is fun and has an awesome fan base, and you should read it.

If you follow The Lunar Chronicles, you are going to be having a very good day today. It’s Cyborg Monday, the day when Marissa Meyer unlocks something new and shiny for her fans. This year, she’s releasing the first chapter of Fairest, the fourth book in the series, among other things.

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Literary Ladies Who Should Get More Cosplay Love

imageI love that recently it’s become cool to cosplay Katniss (The Hunger Games) and Shadowhunters (The Mortal Instruments). Granted, both of those book series also have decently popular film versions, I really think it’s possible to cosplay literary figures, be recognizable, and look awesome. Think about it. If Welcome to Nightvale cosplayers can be recognized, so can any character in a book.

I’m going to focus specifically on female characters, but scroll to the bottom for my shoutout to the literary male characters I wish I saw more people cosplay.
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