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“The Shoe Fits”: DG Reviews Disney’s Cinderella (2015)

Here at DG, we like to give our thoughts on new releases that are important to our readers. This week, we’re gonna take a look at a cinematic fairy tale – one that is stirring up quite a few discussions among the internet. So what did the Geekettes think of Disney’s latest live-action adaptation, Cinderella? Well, get a hold of your glass slippers and let’s take a look:

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DG Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Disney’s Gargoyles


We at DG love to celebrate shows that showcase diversity, equality, and were ahead of their time. All of those traits and more excellently explain the cult Disney animated series Gargoyles, a short lived animated show that told the stories of Goliath, Elisa and the other Manhattan Clan members. With a combination of mature storytelling, beautiful themes, and quality voice acting, this was a series that deserved so much more respect than it got. So in celebration of its 20th anniversary, lets take a look at what made Gargoyles stand out from its other 90’s competitors.

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DG’s Favorite Halloween Movie Ladies

We at DG love Halloween, so to celebrate we thought “heck, let’s discuss some of our favorite ladies of the holiday” (or at least ones that make us get excited about such celebrating). So here are a few from the world of cinema, who have graced us with their “spoopy” (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) presence. But which did fellow Geekettes Dalin and Brianna pick? Well, grab your bowl of candy corn and enjoy our list of favorite female Halloween movie characters!

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American Goddesses: Handle with Caution, Mr. Fuller!

This article is a collaborative effort between Meg R. and Brianna. Meg provided the heavy insight to Mr. Fuller’s works, while Brianna weighed in as a reader of American Gods.

In the sphere of modern American television, few male television writers have achieved what Bryan Fuller has in his treatment of female characters. He is best known for the creation of four shows: Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and most recently, Hannibal. The protagonists of the first two series are women, and two-thirds of Pushing Daisies’ regular cast are female. The women in all four shows are different from each other while never falling into common stereotypes or tropes.

Photograph: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic
Photograph: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

At times, PD‘s Chuck resembles the typical “protagonist’s girlfriend,” but maintains and asserts a great deal of agency in addition to befriending Olive, her rival for her boyfriend’s affections. Chuck’s aunts, Lily and Vivian, avoid the stereotype of crotchety old women defined by loneliness through their friendship with Olive, who visits them and cheers them up in a way that never feels condescending. Throughout the series, none of the women are ever dependent upon men for their happiness. Bonus: Chuck and Olive enjoy wearing revealing clothing, but their physical appearance is never commented upon by the men in the story, never mind in a degrading way. On Hannibal, Fuller was restricted by his source material in certain ways, yet still managed to create four interesting and compelling female characters in a male-driven story. He gender-bended the canon characters Alan(a) Bloom and Freddy Lounds, expanded the role of Beverly Katz, and made a character of his own creation, Abigail Hobbs, hugely important to the first season’s arc.

However, Fuller’s track record is far from perfect. Wonderfalls’ Heidi never developed beyond being a “slutty bitch,” and in the second season of Hannibal, Alana and Bedelia (another of Fuller’s creations) were wildly underused while Beverly was killed off four episodes in. With all this in mind, we at DG hope Mr. Fuller doesn’t fall prey to abusing or neglecting the women of American Gods. Previously HBO was attached to the series and developing a pilot script. However, as Gaiman related on his tumblr, the network “wanted more and more spelled out and explained for the people who weren’t following, and everything possible put into the first script”. As anyone who read the book would surely agree, such a feat is 1) pretty much impossible and 2) lazy writing. If you get too hung up explaining everything right out the gate, you lose the audience. So Gaiman was “relieved” when the HBO development stopped and has enjoyed speaking with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green about the project. He believes that they and Starz “seem to get it”.

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Nerdy Fashion Brand Wars: Expectation vs. Reality?

I love fashion, especially when it caters to my more nerdy interests. With the uprise in social media, fan approved clothes has become more and more accessible and awesome as a whole. One of those brands is Black Milk, an Australian company that makes modern clothing designs using fandom themed prints, such as Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones. The collections usually sell out in a matter of days, hours even, and come with a pretty high price-tag.

Now, with such a devoted fan base, you would assume the company knows how to please their demographic. Well on May The Fourth Be With You (aka May 4th aka Star Wars Day), the company released via their Facebook page a meme that was thought to be “funny”, and ended up being the complete polar opposite.

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The Daily Geekette’s Top Moments in Oscar History

It’s finally here – the day that cinephiles have been waiting all year for. This is what many deem their personal Super Bowl. From the gowns, to the winners, to the losers, every moment that occurs at the Academy Awards is some of the most memorable in TV and Film history.

So we at the Daily Geekette thought it only fitting for our Film crew to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night with some of our favorite moments from it’s past. So fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a cinematic countdown! This is The Daily Geekette’s Top Moments in Oscar History, and now the envelope please….

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