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Inauguration Got You Down? MARCH to Your Nearest Book Store

Image source: biography.com

Last weekend, John Lewis announced that he would be missing the 2017 inauguration, the first he would miss in thirty years.  This comment incited controversy.  One of the articles that came up told me that Lewis’s books were selling out in stores across the country, and I was reminded that I still had not read the third volume of Lewis’s comic book trilogy, which was co-written by Andrew Aydin and illustrated by Nate Powell.  I immediately went to the store and purchased a beautiful boxed set of all three books.  March is John Lewis’s story during the Civil Rights Movement.  Hopefully, you can read this article without needing to be warned about spoilers.

March Vol. 1 starts with Lewis getting ready to attend President Obama’s inauguration and flashes back to his childhood up through his initial involvement with the Civil Rights Movement.  Volume 2 continues in this style, and Volume 3 wraps it up.

Here’s the part where I review the trilogy:  It’s amazing.  Seriously.   Continue reading Inauguration Got You Down? MARCH to Your Nearest Book Store

Ruby Dee, actress and civil rights activist, dies at 91


As you all know, The Tony Awards were a few days ago. During one of the many speeches given that night, praise and respect was given to one awesome lady by the name of Ruby Dee, who sadly passed away today at the age of 91. (Source)

It’s a shame that the majority of people in the world probably don’t know who Dee was, but to those that do, she was known for her incredible acting career on both stage and screen, including the film and Broadway version of A Raisin in the Sun, Do The Right Thing and the 2007 film American Gangster (for which she received an Oscar nomination.)

She also was a civil rights activist, having been friends (along with her second husband, the late and great Ossie Davis) with both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. She also was a member of CORE, the NAACP, along with many other organizations.  In 1995, both her and Davis were awarded the National Medal of Arts, along with receiving various other awards throughout her career.

The first time I saw Ruby Dee was when I was 7 and she (along with Ossie) hosted a Behind The Scenes documentary about the making of the Lion King musical. It was amazing to later learn the significance of them hosting the program, since they were key players in the civil rights movement in the world of Broadway and beyond.

Today we at the Daily Geekette want to thank Ruby Dee and celebrate her accomplishments as an actress, activist, and all around amazing woman.