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CUT! Costume and the Cinema: A review.

It’s been a busy summer for this costume designer, between mounting shows and traveling to various museums for costume and fashion exhibits. While some shows have been hit-and-miss, I never regret seeing what new museums have to offer!


Most recently, my co-workers and I trekked up to Sandwich, Massachusetts to visit the beautiful Heritage Museums & Gardens to see the CUT! Costume and the Cinema show. It was pretty exquisite– keep reading to find-out more about the exhibition and the museum!

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DG’s Favorite Halloween Movie Ladies

We at DG love Halloween, so to celebrate we thought “heck, let’s discuss some of our favorite ladies of the holiday” (or at least ones that make us get excited about such celebrating). So here are a few from the world of cinema, who have graced us with their “spoopy” (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) presence. But which did fellow Geekettes Dalin and Brianna pick? Well, grab your bowl of candy corn and enjoy our list of favorite female Halloween movie characters!

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Feminist Icons in Film: Leeloo

Source: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/dvdreviews32/fifth_element_blu-ray.htm

Leeloo is an ancient superhuman warrior who protects all life from heinous evil and destruction. In other words, she’s an ultimate bad ass. She hails from 1997’s sci-fi action comedy The Fifth Element, a film that still holds up pretty damn well today.

Leeloo is resurrected using super high tech medical science and finds herself in an entirely foreign time and place wearing nothing but a few “thermal bandages”. She proceeds to teach herself our language and adapt to her surrounds at a rapid pace, due to her advanced intelligence.  Her superhuman intellect, strength, and combat skills easily outpace her companion Korben Dallas, an experienced military veteran played by Bruce Willis when he still had just a bit of hair left.

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