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Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics


The comic book world can be incredibly overwhelming.  Comic book stores are geared toward longtime readers, putting the most recent issue in front, and then everything else in bins.  Sometimes the bins are separated into DC, Marvel, and indie.  Sometimes they’re straight up alphabetical.  If you decide you’re going to go for trade, meaning several issues bound into a book that hopefully conveys a full storyline, you then have to hope that your comic series does not interact with any other comics, because then you’ve got to buy the crossovers to get the full story.  THEN, pray your story doesn’t jump into a parallel universe that already existed and has rules that have been explained in another series.

I want to tell you about some of the issues I faced when starting to get into comics. Luckily, I worked at Borders at the time, and had some really awesome co-workers who helped me get on the right track.  Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up over my years of getting into comics: Continue reading Daily Geekette’s Guide to Getting Into Comics

Civil War II: Because The First One Wasn’t Upsetting Enough


Just when you think you get to take a break from all the Marvel drama…they go and release Civil War II. Though I am excited to see one of my favorite artist/writer pairs teaming up on this arc, will they be enough to create a successful successor to the smash hit storyline? Let’s take a look at this new series of trauma and drama and get ready to ask even more existential and philosophical questions, which we all know will eventually be answered with fists.

Get ready to choose your side…again.


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Make Room for Brie Larson: Potential Captain Marvel Actress

Brie Larson, Oscar-winning actress from Room, was announced by Variety as Marvel’s top choice to play Captain Marvel. Apparently nothing is finalized yet, but Marvel wants Larson and Larson seems up for doing the role. Continue reading Make Room for Brie Larson: Potential Captain Marvel Actress

All-New, All-Different, All Out Good Reads

*Major Spoiler Alert!*

So it’s October…You all know what that means! Candy, socially acceptable excuses to dress up as your favorite characters, and All New All Different Marvel begins!

This week, I had the opportunity to pick up three first issues of some promising upcoming arcs:

“Invincible Iron Man #1”, “Avengers #0”, and “Guardians of the Galaxy #1”

“Invincible Iron Man #1”, 2015 Cover, “Avengers #0”, 2015 Cover, “Guardians of the Galaxy #1”, 2015 Cover

Now, while a lot of people are a little wary of this huge new reboot/launch by Marvel, after reading these three issues, I’m fairly impressed. Lets take a look at what Marvel is planning to deliver in the next few months.

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Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

I was bummed earlier this week to hear that the Captain Marvel movie was pushed back (AGAIN), but thankfully NYCC has given the Carol Corps reason to rejoice! captainmarvel

New York Comic-Con–one of the most popular conventions after San Diego Comic-Con–just concluded another successful year, with loads of exciting news. In particular, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada announced that Carol Danvers may be coming to us a lot sooner in another medium. Continue reading Captain Marvel: Coming to a Novel Near YOU!

Women Promoting Women: Writers Sign on for Captain Marvel

Calling all members of the Carol Corps – the Captain Marvel movie officially has writers! And much to the joy of those here at DG, they’re both women. Marvel announced yesterday that Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve will collaborate on the script for Carol Danvers’s MCU debut, due out November 2018.

“It goes a long way to show that you can do something like this,” Perlman said last year in interviews for Guardians of the Galaxy, “Because there aren’t many female Marvel superhero movie screenwriters out there.”

L to R: LeFauve and Perlman

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Marvel Announces MCU Phase Three Films – It’s Diverse And Stuff


Incase you hadn’t already gotten the news flash on your feed, there is a big cinematic war on the horizon for Marvel and DC, and today Marvel just might have really set the stage for the box office blood bath, starting in 2016. Below is a quick (and will probably be updated) recap of said films in the slate for the MCU Phase Three (and Four and Five it seems), and I bet you’ll notice some sort of theme:

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A Thunderous Response to Thor News

imageIf you haven’t yet heard, Marvel has decided Thor will soon be getting a sex change of sorts. While I can’t say the method they’re using makes sense to me (having a woman pick up Thor’s hammer and be titled “Thor”), I do think that having Thor be a woman is cool.

Comic books are the mythology of the 21st century. Our fabled characters wear capes and cowls instead of cutting off the heads of animals and kissing frogs. Each character has a distinct origin and defining features, but over time the story changes with retellings. The only difference between mythology and comics is that with comics, there is a record of every telling. The Grimm Brothers are probably rolling in their graves over the most recent retellings of The Snow Queen, but the masses are not complaining because of how good it is (I’m talking about Frozen).

imageSuperheroes go through this same process only more rapidly. Batman has gone through several incarnations much stranger than this. My favorite is vampire Batman. Thor is going to be a woman. Spider-Man is African-American. One of the Green Lanterns is gay. Changes get made. While I can understand people being upset about how this is coming about, people are just upset that this is happening, and that’s not okay. Continue reading A Thunderous Response to Thor News

Ms Marvel to join the MCU? Let the anticipation commence.



I’ve been excited for the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron, since the title was announced.

Okay…strike that, I’ve been excited for the sequel since I walked out of the theater after seeing the first Avengers film at its midnight release. It was, without a doubt, the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen (not that I expected anything less from Joss Whedon) and bringing in the ever-exciting Ultron plot in the sequel is bound to make things even more awesome. Marvel has struck gold with their Cinematic Universe. They found the perfect formula for a superhero movie and they’re running with it.  The only thing some fans (this blogger included) have found lacking? Another female hero. There’s five men, after all, and Marvel has dozens of fantastic ladies to choose from! Black Widow has proven that comic book ladies can be put to film both tastefully and successfully, so it’s about time another superheroine was introduced. And it seems someone at Marvel has been thinking the same thing, if the latest casting rumors are anything to go by.

Somebody hold me, because if the stories are true I might fall over…

Ms Marvel could be hitting the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron!

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Old Title, Fresh Start: Earth-616 Welcomes its New Ms Marvel!



It’s not even speculation anymore to say that Marvel Comics is starting to consciously pitch their books to a wider audience of geeks; to women, to racial minorities, to gender and sexuality minorities, and other groups that have often been ignored or completely mistreated in the industry in the past. In the last two years they’ve written new characters, redesigned costumes, and hired female creators, all with the aim of diversifying an industry that has been frozen in the 60’s in too many ways for too long. 

Today, the company releases its first issue featuring the new Ms Marvel: a Muslim, Pakistani American teenager named Kamala Khan.

Nope, that’s not someone’s Tumblr dream headcanon, that’s actually happening. And it’s awesome.

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