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Adventures from TempleCon 2016: an Overview

After the fun of 2015’s convention, Daily Geekette just had to scope out this year’s TempleCon. A switch from February to August was only one of several noticeable changes at this year’s event. The con expanded, not just further into the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but outside as well! Vendors were now available in two locations: The Clockwork Bazaar, composed of folks cleverly advertising wares from hotel rooms, and The Garden Pavilion, a large outdoor tent with dealers at individual booths. My favorite, of course, was Leanna Renee Hieber’s table. Hieber is a talented author and actress (among many other things), whose name you may recognize from a guest post right here at DG.

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Daily Geekette’s Top Strong, Male Protagonists

We at the Daily Geekette believe strongly in equality among the nerds. As many articles have been created to pay homage to the “Strong, Female Protagonist,” we thought it only fair to celebrate some strong male protagonists. Here are the men who come to mind when we stop and consider, just what makes a protagonist strong? In a woman, the desired qualities seem to be emotional resilience, intelligence, and sarcastic tendencies. Do those qualities stay desirable when the table is flipped? Keep reading to find out.


Goku – Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z submitted by Brianna Murch

Source: playbuzz.com

Goku, one of the most iconic characters from action anime, started out as an innocent-looking orphan in the woods and became the biggest hero. He teamed up with a brainy girl on a quest and DIDN’T fall in love with her (shocker!). He did accidentally get engaged to another girl along the way but that’s because he thought marriage was a tasty food. Goku is dedicated to his family – his family being the entire planet Earth whose behind he has to save every other week. And just when you thought he was already the pinnacle of physical strength, a new baddie comes on the scene and Goku unlocks NEW levels of power to beat them!


Bruce Wayne submitted by Kayla Farber

Source: fanpop.com

To me, Bruce Wayne is the epitome of a strong, male character. He definitely overcomes past tragedies, including the death of his parents. He fights for justice for his community using not just brute strength, but intelligence, his tragic backstory, and all his money. He definitely doesn’t put his romantic interests before saving the day, which is awesome. No “Women in Refridgerator Syndrome” here.





Rupert Giles submitted by Sarah Wanger


Source: Tumblr.com

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is by far one of my favorite television shows. Its strong female lead kicks some major butt, and with the help of her friends, is unstoppable. The show makes me go through a whole string of emotions each time I watch it: Fear, excitement, anticipation, loss. I’ve cried for both positive and negative reasons while watching all 7 seasons. But my favorite character is not, in fact, Buffy Summers — it’s Rupert Giles.

Giles is the librarian at Buffy’s high school, and is the one who introduces her to her powers as the slayer. He’s her Watcher — her guardian and guide to unlocking her potential. While seemingly a nervous fidgeting bookworm, Giles always points Buffy and the gang in the right direction. He even struggles with his role in Buffy’s life — singing a song called “Standing” one episode about potentially being in her way of growing. If his loyalty, knowledge, love, and strength doesn’t put him on the “Strong, Male Protagonist” list, I don’t know of anyone else that should be.


Jacob Black submitted by Deanna Farber

Source: fanpop.com

Jacob Black has consistently been one of the strongest male characters in modern young adult literature. He starts off in Twilight as weak and impartial, but as the series moves forward he becomes stronger both physically and mentally. Of course, being a shapeshifter also helps a little with this but it is clear that he gained a voice. While Bella shows no interest in dating him, Jacob does not back down from what he wants. He uses any means necessary to kiss Bella and is not at all deterred by her physical protestation when she punches him in the face. He finally gets her to kiss him “by choice” when he uses his wits to convince her of it. Jacob is obscenely loyal to Bella through all four books and only falters in his loyalty after he imprints on Renesmee. Jacob Black is a man who stands out in a world full of women. Twilight has been constantly burdened with strong women that it’s a rare chance for a male character to shine, and Jacob Black indeed shines.


Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya submitted by Hope Kim

Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

If we’re talking strong male protagonists, Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya of Sword Art Online has to make the list. As a “beater” or beta-tester for the eponymous video game, Kirito is nearly invincible. Like most heroes in harem-based anime, he is both charmingly oblivious and reckless when it comes to love – that is, if you define “love” as having multiple girls drape themselves over you while everyone else basks in the utter glory of your own awesomeness. Even outside of Aincrad and Alfheim, Kirito is as two-dimensional as a character can be.

Honestly? I think the series would have been much more interesting if it’d been about the bromance between Kirito and Klein, but that is neither here nor there.


Kylo Ren submitted by Kayla Farber

Source: comingsoon.net

Though Ren is not a protagonist (yet?), he is a strong male character. This is a man in a position of power who does not have a romantic interest, isn’t afraid to show his emotions, and stands up to his enemies when he feels he’s in the right. Though he is a loose cannon, he saves his most emotional moments from being known by waiting until he’s in the privacy of his own quarters, with no one to hear him except the skull of his dead grandfather.


As tongue in cheek as some of these are, I think these make a really interesting point. How these men see women/treat women plays a role in whether or not we see them as strong. Another recurring theme from the above passages is that many of them are single. This is a quality also seen for strong female characters, such as Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. Physical strength is an outstanding characteristic of many of these men. Likewise, we love that Katniss can be a BAMF with the bow and arrow, and Black Widow can take down any opponent. That being said, is it important for girls to have female role models? Yes. Can we agree that “strong female protagonist” is not superfluous with “role model?” I hope so! At the very least, I think we can all agree “strong female protagonist” is absolutely meaningless.

Popular Gay Couples in TV and Movies: Hot or Not?

*Warning: This article may contain spoilers!
There have been many well-known television shows and movies over the years that have featured popular LGBTQ+ couples. One of the most discussed aspects of these relationships have been whether or not the writers accurately portrayed a realistic queer relationship. Some couples have complexities and intricacies that give them depth and realism. Others are boring, unrealistic, or simply poorly written. These are fifteen of the most popular gay couples over the years in pop culture that have long been contested…

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Night 1 of Daily Geekette’s Hanukah Celebration

Hanukah night 1The original story of Hanukah is about men who fight other men to defend the Jewish way of life. One theme of this holiday that is talked about repeatedly is courage.

A small band of men stood up to a well prepared, well equipped army and won. That takes a lot of courage. The Jewish people have consistently been courageous throughout history. There are tattooed people and tattooed Torahs to prove that.

When I googled lists of famous Jewish people in works of fiction, most of the lists were filled with men.

However, the courageous, geeky, Jewish women are out there, fictional and real, and I’ve picked my 8 favorites to share.

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High School Hell: When It’s Not Happening to You, it’s Entertaining

School is a hectic microcosm, and while I’m sure many people use television to escape from that, there’s something to be said for a series that accurately reflects our feelings about that setting. So as we approach the weekend, take comfort in the fact that whether you love school or dread it, you’re not alone. Here’s my take on a few series that capture the anxiety, apprehension, and adventures that school can bring.

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You’re in the Wrong Line of Work, Faith: The Blonde/Brunette Trope in Battle of the Slayers

Ah, summer. That time of year when our seasonal network (and most cable) shows leave us for a long four months, giving us plenty of extra time to binge-watch current network and cable dramas or the newest Netflix hit series. Or, in my case, re-visiting Joss Whedon’s entire body of work after a particularly enjoyable week spent catching up on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, of course, is a show that not only holds up to repeated viewings, but also gives the viewer something philosophical to ponder with every marathon. Four years after my initial viewing, I started considering how Joss Whedon handled having a blonde heroine, not as the most powerful player in the room, but in comparison to the more stereotypical brunette heroine in Faith. The traditional blonde-brunette foil, is a trope Whedon deliberately calls into question in his 2012 mock-horror film, Cabin in the Woods. However, his most successful exploration of this complex and sexist theme is in the dynamic between Slayers Buffy and Faith in Buffy’s third season.

Buffy and faith screen shot

I could easily write a twenty-page essay on this subject. I would write about the history of this trope (Mary vs. Eve) and analyzing authorial intent in the entire Whedonverse and even throw in a paragraph about the male gaze. But instead, this will serve as a brief series of musings from a seasoned Buffy viewer with a new and shiny BA from a women’s college. So let’s dive in:

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Daddy’s Little Geekette: The Best Father/Daughter Relationships in the Fandoms

We at the Daily Geekette would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and grandpas out there, especially those raising quirky little girls like us.

We’d like to share with you our favorite dads raising daughters like us:

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Melissa Reads: Buffy Season Eight

This week’s Melissa Reads takes us to a universe that I will never EVER let go: the Buffyverse. Yes, once again Buffy is a subject of my obsessive mind. In my defense, the week of Memorial Day was a slow week in the shop, so I binge read the entirety of season eight in that week. I will keep this as spoiler-free as possible. Not promising anything on the fangirling. Just a small note: I’ll be referring to the parts of the season as “episodes” like a TV show.


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Five Fantastic Finales

This Sunday, television’s Spring Finale season will officially come to an end with the Game of Thrones finale, titled “The Children.” While most summer shows are gearing up, I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite season finales of the past, and taking a look at what it takes for a show to really stick the landing (if you’ll pardon the cliche). It’s true that a finale can make or break a season, but it can also make or break the season following it. The extent to which these five season finales toe that line, and throw in their own personal flavor, that give them a place on this list.

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Melissa Reads: Fan Fiction

When I find myself in times of anxiety, fan fiction calms me. Reading awkward stories. Let me read.


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