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DG’s Tony Awards 2015 Coverage

The curtains are about to raise, and we’re covering the Tony Awards this year! Stay tuned with us all night, starting 8PM/7PMc for up to date coverage of the winners, performances and everything in between. Also check for updates on our Twitter as well!

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Theater Thursday: 2015 Tony Predictions

Can you hear that sound? Can you feel that nerdy tingle in your musical theater brain? If you can, then you know it’s Tony Awards time! So pop that confetti, along with the champagne, grab your favorite theater t-shirt, plus a box of tissues, because this weekend is the Tony telecast, and your Theater Thursday crew (Kayla and Dalin) have got you covered. Below are our predictions, hopes and dreams for who will take home the prize. So sit back, relax, and queue the orchestra – it’s Tony time!

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Soundtracks to Get You Through Your Finals

If you’re taking your finals right now, let me start by telling you, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Which is something most of my friends need to hear right now. I received my grown-up card last May, so when I tell you that you will survive, it’s coming from a place of experience. Clearly, you are right now taking a well-deserved break, and should definitely get back to work once you’ve figured out what your soundtrack to success is. Here are my suggestions:

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Rebecca Naomi Jones: A Broadway Name to Know

When people think of Broadway’s current leading ladies, the names that often get tossed around are Laura Osnes, Sutton Foster, and Audra McDonald. While all of these women are wonderful, Broadway and Off-Broadway have slowly been starting to cater to an edgier audience. The likes of Rent, Tommy, and Rock of Ages are nothing new anymore, but with the success of shows like Once, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Hamilton, a new alternative is moving in, and with them come opportunities for new, edgier voices.

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Theater Thursday: Happy Birthday Mrs. Tottendale! 

imageTomorrow, April 10th, will be the fictional character, Mrs. Tottendale’s, birthday! For those not familiar with the reference, she is one of the characters in The Drowsy Chaperone. In the original Broadway production, Mrs. Tottendale was played by Georgia Engel, who has played the role numerous times since leaving Broadway, and subsequently by Jo Ann Worley and Cindy Williams.

I love The Drowsy Chaperone for its humor and whimsy, but most of all for how relatable it is for theater geeks. The story is of Man in Chair sitting in his apartment about to put on a recording of his favorite musical from the 1920’s, The Drowsy Chaperone. As the record starts playing, the musical comes to life in the man’s living room. The story of this musical is of a stage star named Janet Van De Graaf deciding to leave the world of theater and get married to a very wealthy man, Robert Martin. What she doesn’t know is that her producer is desperately trying to stop the wedding so that his show doesn’t tank. Oh yeah, and there are gangsters, a European seducer, and an alcoholic chaperone. While Man in Chair is listening to this recording, he’s also giving the audience a running commentary on the play. It’s basically like listening to Rent or Les Miserables with me (something you should not take part in unless you’re already familiar with the plots of both).

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Farewell Fantasticks

imageOff-Broadway’s longest running musical will be closing on May 3rd. The Fantasticks has been running for 55 years. 55 YEARS. The Fantasticks is old enough to have fathered Les Miserables (longest running musical in the world) AND The Phantom of the Opera (longest running Broadway musical). The main response seems to be, “Aw, how sad!” I am legitimately upset by the loss of this historic show. In its prime real estate across the street from Wicked at the Jerry Orbach Theater, The Fantasticks has welcomed and cheered audiences with some pretty big names.

If you’re not familiar with The Fantasticks, it is the story of two men who are neighbors and decide they want their children to fall in love. What’s the best way to do this? Obviously to forbid these teenagers from seeing each other. Things get really ridiculous when the two neighbors hire someone to stage the daughter’s kidnapping so the son can rescue her and they can finally live happily ever after. *Note: if you’ve never seen the show, DO NOT watch the Joel Grey movie. IT IS NOT THE SAME. (I’m not just being picky. It’s truly terrible.)

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Theater Thursday: Dalin’s 54 Below “Side Show” Adventures

A couple of weeks back, I finally made a bucket list dream of mine come true: Going to some shows at the famous 54 Below. In case you aren’t in the know, 54-B  is a little underground restaurant that also doubles as a cabaret performance space. And you know what that means? Broadway stars are there all the time! Patti Lupone, Jeremy Jordan, and countless others perform there regularly. It’s sort of like a secret club house for theater lovers, and it was definitely a place that, once I arrived, I felt right at home in. Continue reading Theater Thursday: Dalin’s 54 Below “Side Show” Adventures

Theater Thursday: “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Paper Mill Playhouse Review

Dalin: Whenever someone asks me what my favorite Disney movie is, I can always say, without any delay, that it is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yes, it is a controversial adaptation in Disney’s animated catalog, but it is the one that no matter how many times I see it, still touches my soul. So when the official US premiere of the musical version was announced, I bought my tickets (for more than one performance) faster than anything I’ve purchased before.

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My Pop Stars on Broadway Dream List

imageSince Lady Gaga blew everyone away on Sunday at the Oscars, it got me thinking about how many celebrities have been train wrecks on stage, while I would kill to see others. Lady Gaga, a Juliard graduate, did not surprise me at all with her stunning performance.

Here’s a list of some other crazy good singers I would like to see sing their hearts out on the stage, and the roles I’d like to see them in:  Continue reading My Pop Stars on Broadway Dream List

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Inspired Makeup

This is a very exciting article for me to write. On March 6th I will be crossing off a major Bucket List item by seeing John Cameron Mitchell perform in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. To mark the occasion, I am bringing you all the makeup I will be wearing for the show (outfit is still to be determined). This look is heavily inspired, and by no means a faithful recreation of Hedwig’s signature makeup. However, the techniques used to create Ms. Hedwig’s look are the same I used here.  Are you ready for the epicness? Continue reading Hedwig and the Angry Inch Inspired Makeup