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The Road to ConnectiCon 2016: DG’s Most Anticipated Events and More!

Hey readers! We got some exciting news for those of you that will be attending this year’s ConnectiCon – DG will be in attendance. That’s right, Dalin and Carly will be roaming the halls of the Connecticut Convention Center from July 8th to the 10th, and will even be participating in some panels as well. For those that are interested, along for the some of you that are looking for some other cool events to do around this East Coast con, here is a list of our top happenings around ConnectiCon that we think you should take a look at.

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Fatherhood and Fandom

Fandom tends to be seen as an inherently male interest.  We have so many cultural stereotypes enhancing this belief.  From The Big Bang Theory to “the fake gamer girl,” nerdiness always seems to start as something male, and then move towards women.  For a while, this was pretty accurate.  In 2010, only 35% of New York Comic Con attendees were women.  However, as time goes on, these men get married.  They have kids, and they pass on their nerdy genes.

With that in mind, I asked my fellow writers if they had inherited any of their geekiness from their fathers, or for any good stories about how their fathers inspired them towards the nerd community.  Here are the responses I got:

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Sugar, Butter, Flour: The Ingredients for a Great Musical

Waitress has been a collective favorite movie in my family for a while. When we heard it was coming to Broadway we knew we had to get tickets. We were lucky enough to see it while in previews and were not disappointed.

The story of Waitress can be described as simplistic but in a beautiful way. Jenna, the titular waitress, is miserable with her small-town life and abusive husband. Her journey of learning to love again and breaking free is tethered to the many outrageous and seemingly delicious pies she bakes. The storyline is consistent with the movie and the libretto’s loyalty to the original story was much appreciated. Jessie Nelson translated the story perfectly for the stage, if not better than the original. Continue reading Sugar, Butter, Flour: The Ingredients for a Great Musical

Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast in 2018 Mary Poppins Sequel

imageSince Disney is remaking every movie they’ve ever released, rumors circulated as to what films were coming and who is going to star in them. Mary Poppins kept coming up, usually with Emily Blunt’s name attached to it. I’m happy to say those rumors are true! Mary Poppins Returns will hit movie theaters December 25, 2018. Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda was also cast in this upcoming feature. He will write new songs for the movie, and will also appear as a new character, a lamplighter named Jack. Rob Marshall is set to direct the movie. Mary Poppins Returns will feature a whole new score. Continue reading Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast in 2018 Mary Poppins Sequel

Theater Thursday: “She Loves Me” 2016 Revival Musical Review

I’ll always be the first to admit that I have some “ultimate weaknesses” when it comes to musical theater, or just any sort of entertainment in general. For one, I adore a good romance, second, I love good ol’ fashioned Broadway numbers, and last but not least, I lose it over a good, well-crafted set piece. So it brings me great joy to tell you that Roundabout’s new revival of the classic Jerry Bock musical She Loves Me features all of those qualities and much, much more.


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A Super Premiere for Supergirl

imageUnlike, I believe, most of the Internet, I did not watch the pilot of Supergirl when it leaked. I waited until last night, and apparently, I wasn’t alone. According to Variety.com, almost 13 million people tuned in last night. The pilot featured Supergirl, or Kara Danvers, played by Melissa Benoist, being sent to Earth to protect Superman, and getting there to find he’s already a hero. Feeling that neither Kent nor humanity needs her protection, she decides to blend in. That is, until her adopted sister is put in danger. It’s up to Kara to become a hero, and take on threats directed at her and her city.

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Theater Thursday: “Stronger”–“Finding Neverland” Review

Musicals, to most, are a gamble. You will either love them or hate them, there is truly no in-between. One of those shows that left me truly on the edge of decision was one of the new offerings from the Spring 2015 season: Finding Neverland. Considered by many to be one of the weirder productions of the bunch, the story of Peter Pan’s creator J.M. Barrie and his journey from down on his luck playwright to fulfilled father figure took some major Word of Mouth to get me interested in investing my ticket money in. But I can say with ease, it was a decision I would never regret.


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Theater Thursday: AT & T and the No Good, Very Bad, Theater Behavior

Recently in the news, you might have heard some small tales of theater-goers showing off some very non-theater friendly behavior. From plugging in their smart phones into a fake electrical outlet at Hand of Godto Patti LuPone snatching a phone away from an attendee during a recent Lincoln Center performance, the regular visitors of Broadway have gotten a bit out of hand.

But thanks to phone provider AT&T, this rude trend might have just gone too far. In case you haven’t heard, nor read any of your favorite actors’ Twitters this past Monday, AT&T sent out a recent message to users via a Tweet saying the following:  Continue reading Theater Thursday: AT & T and the No Good, Very Bad, Theater Behavior

Theater Thursday: Dalin’s Top 5 Favorite Musical Failures

Broadway has given us a plethora of hits and misses, highs and lows, triumphs and failures. So this week, we’re gonna look at the lesser of those two possibilities and give some honorable tributes to shows that are just so terrible, we end up loving them anyway. Here are my picks for five pieces of musical theater that were train wrecks from beginning to end, and hopefully you can discover their delicious ridiculousness without spending a cent on a ticket or the cast recording.

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Musical Theater Fans Rejoice: Camp 2 is Happening!

imageTodd Graff (writer/director of Camp) did an interview with Playbill.com yesterday announcing a sequel to Camp, the cult musical theater indie film of 2003. It will be called Camp 2: Freaks in Nature. In case you’ve never heard of it, Camp tells the story of a group of musical theater obsessed misfit teens and one “popular” teenage boy whose sexuality is ambiguous. Drama ensues. There is romance, humor, sadness, wonderful musical numbers, and most importantly, hope.

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