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Nasty Nerds at the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, over 2.9 million people participated in the Women’s March worldwide.  6 writers for Daily Geekette were present in four different cities on the east coast.  From pussycat hats and speeches to feminist icons and nerdy protest signs, read about our different Women’s March experiences.

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Extra Life for Boston Children’s Hospital




This experience gave me the opportunity to try something new. Something I learned in the past year is that I like Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, etc. But that I am not wonderful at them. I had trouble adapting to them and figuring out what kinds of characters I liked to play. I also have to play with certain personalities.

I was nervous to play with five people who I was only acquainted with and I was afraid I’d be so bad that I’d break the game. Surprisingly during the days before hand instead of being the usual stress ball that I am, I spent my time fine tuning my character, my ideas for what I wanted to tell my party, introduce myself, and to better understand the mechanics. I  had such a great time spending all this time on my female elf monk who could summon animals and cross existential planes.

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Games, games, games!

For starters I’d like to point out that PAX East 2014 has officially completed day one.

Later on this week I’ll be posting extended blog posts regarding the panels I attended, the cosplay I geeked out over, the pro players & other awesome folk i met, and the games I played (swoon to all of those <3) but for now, suffice it to say that these three days are gamer heaven. I was standing just feet away from Krepo, Yellow Pete and Snoopeh from Evil Genius, a professional League of Legends team. I’m determined to meet them this weekend and get pictures and not faint while I meet Snoopeh.

In the mean time, I had the pleasure of seeing a handful of games that I helped back make it to the floor of PAX. Guns of Icarus, whose sequel I pledged to on KS last year, had a booth. As did There Came an Echo, Fairy Mischief, and many many more. I found out about a storytelling game called Storium with still 26 days to pledge and already exceeding their goal.

I had the pleasure of meeting author and former Riot employee Nika “Nikasaur” Harper, who currently vlogs for Geek and Sundry. She was on the Pitch-Your-Game panel and it was an amazing experience.

But more on that later. For now, I just wanted to tell you all about more upcoming, soon-to-end kickstarters that could use your support. Read on, and if you find something you like, give it a go!

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Jenn of Arcadia: The Local Scoop

In my limited experience, living in the suburbs of any city is an endless cycle of seeking out new things to do, and for those who live in the South Shore area of Massachusetts, the routine can get a bit dull. There are malls, there are movie theaters, and during more seasonable months there are places to hit up mini-golf, lazer tag, rock walls, and go-karts. During the winter, I tend to crave arcades. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of arcades around to boast of… Continue reading Jenn of Arcadia: The Local Scoop

Mythology and Juvenile Fiction are Beautiful Things, and Here’s Why

My precioussss
My precioussss

I’m a fan of writers the same way some people are fans of bands. If I had to estimate, I would say they compose more than half of the people I follow on Twitter. And they are also extremely active on the website as well, using it as most of us do (to report how our day is going) and to interact with fans. For those who can’t make it to book signings, it’s almost as good as being there. This direct reader-author interaction is, in my experience, a good one. One of the most active ones in replying to questions (from my observations) is Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus, as well as the Kane Chronicles.

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