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September 1st Book Releases!

We’re reaching the part of the year when most of the books that Geekettes picked up at Book Expo America are actually being released–and that means I found myself with three books to review all being released on the same day. The books range from sci-fi/fantasy to YA romance, and I’ve written up my thoughts to share with all of you!

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The Geekettes Talk to Lev Grossman

At Book Expo America this year, Daily Geekette Editors-In-Chief Kayla and Megan had the opportunity to sit down with Lev Grossman, author of the bestselling Magicians trilogy. When Grossman identified himself as a feminist with zero hesitation at the beginning of the interview, citing hopes for his daughters to become “the people they’re meant to be,” we knew we were in for a great conversation. In addition to Grossman’s own writing, we discussed the controversy around the Hugo Awards, the adaptation of The Magicians for the Syfy channel, and the growing acceptance of fantasy as a genre in the “serious” literary world.

Photo: Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0
Photo: Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0

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BEA’15 — A Weekend to Remember

As I left my house to begin the 4+ hour trip to BEA, my parents called out after me: “Please don’t bring home as many books as you did last year!”

I only kind of heeded their request.IMG_5405

This being my second BEA, I was significantly more prepared for the rush of the expo-attendees, as well as for the sheer number of books piled high at each booth, just begging me to pick them up. In the end, I left with about 40 books – about 20 of which were exclusively for me.

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BookCon Discusses Diversity

Last year, BookCon’s initial line-up provoked a serious outcry regarding the lack of diversity in publishing. This movement grew into a grassroots organization called We Need
Diverse Books that has been working endlessly over the past year to promote diversity, especially in children’s books. One year later, it is clear that these efforts have not been in vain. Diversity was a hot topic at both Book Expo America and BookCon this year. The two events featured at least four panels directly addressing diversity between them. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it to one of these: BookCon’s Saturday morning panel, “We Need Diverse Books Presents In Our World and Beyond.” This panel discussed diversity in the abstract and its relation to the genres of science fiction and fantasy. The panel was introduced by VP of outreach for WNDB, Miranda Paul, and speakers included Saga Press editor Joe Monti as well as authors Daniel José Older, Kameron Hurley, Ken Liu, Marieke Nijkamp, and Nnedi Okorafor.  Highlights from the panel are given below:

WNDB logo

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How to Prepare for BEA and Book Con

image2015 will see me through my seventh Book Expo, and my second Book Con, and I couldn’t be more pumped. There are some seriously exciting guests attending both events, some really exciting breakfasts and panels, and there is bound to be some killer swag. Whether you’re going to BEA, Book Con, or both, if it’s your first year, it’s going to be overwhelming. The Javitz Center is HUGE. Here are my tips for successfully navigating this convention:

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A Breakdown of BEA 2014

Neil Patrick Harris is just at adorable in person.
I met Neil Patrick Harris!

This year was my first time going to Book Expo America, a three-day event for book industry professionals to meet up, market new books, and discuss the ever-changing industry. Publishers set up booths displaying their newest books and hottest reads, authors do signings and panels, and there are giveaways all around! This year, they tried something new and made the last day of the event into BookCon–a more convention-style day that was open to the public, not just industry professionals. I went to all three days, from Thursday to Saturday. I found that each day was progressively more hectic, meanwhile I was getting progressively more worn down. Here’s my breakdown of each day of the event: Continue reading A Breakdown of BEA 2014

Be Nice Around Books: Signing Etiquette

Lines everywhere!
Lines everywhere!

For the last several days, a few of the Geekettes have been in New York for a professional book expo/Book Con. While we were very excited and had a very wonderful experience overall, we found that on the one day of Book Con, we lost our faith in humanity a little bit. Every person I attended Book Con with had a negative story. A box of one book was stolen from an exhibitor. A panel of the most famous bestselling authors was cut off by people more interested in free books. Line cutters everywhere.

Here are some tips that I, as a former bookseller and current literary fangirl, think could help everyone enjoy book signings a little bit more: Continue reading Be Nice Around Books: Signing Etiquette