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Six Summer Films to Watch Before Summer Ends!

These people from Jaws are running to enjoy the last moments of summer!

Before you get too excited for Fall and Halloween and pumpkin flavored lattes, muffins, and EVERYTHING – why not enjoy the last remnants of summer while you still can? Here is a list of some of my favorite summer films that will always take me back to beaches, summer camps, barbecues, and late night bonfires.

So, put on your sunscreen and get out your flip flops and enjoy these summery films!

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Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck is Anything But…

Trainwreck, written by Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow, is a hilarious sex romp, featuring a whole host of raunch. But at its core, this film is a refreshing take on the romantic comedy. It flips the search for true love narrative on its head–instead, following the story of a woman who wants to avoid monogamy at all costs. Trainwreck is funny and it is heartfelt, and I believe it could be the start to new brand of RomComs.

screen shot 2015-07-17 at 10.36.25 am
Sisters Amy and Kim learn that monogamy is bogus

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Sibling Bonds: “The Skeleton Twins” Review


I’m an only child, a fact that really never made much of a difference in my life. I haven’t felt alone or isolated in any way compared to my friends who were of the opposite spectrum, especially since I’ve had pals that I’m so close to, I feel as if we’re related. But I really respect siblings of all different shapes and sizes, especially when they go through the roughest aspects of their life.

If you’re an only child yourself, and have ever wondered what having a sibling is like, a new film The Skeleton Twins could serve as the “Siblings For Dummies” guide to your existence, in cinematic form, of course.

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