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This Geek Girl’s Attempt to Get into Superhero Comics

As more and more blockbuster superhero movies come out, I find myself getting caught up in the spandex-fever, watching each one in theaters, following related news posts, and getting excited for works still a year or more away (I’m looking at you, awesome Wonder Woman trailer). Each time, I find myself thinking that I may enjoy the movie even more if I knew more about each character’s background, their past iterations, their relationships with other characters, and the choices Hollywood made about what to change or what to leave in. In that light, I’ve decided to enhance my appreciation (not to mention my geek cred) by going to the source: comics. Continue reading This Geek Girl’s Attempt to Get into Superhero Comics

Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Movie is Coming

jokerFor years, fans have been begging for a DC Animated Movie based on Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke.  Even Mark Hamill, fan favorite for his portrayal of the animated Joker, has been gunning for this to happen.  Finally, DC announced that this is happening with not only Mark Hamill as the Joker, but Kevin Conroy as the Bat himself.  Rounding out the cast, Ray Wise will be voicing Commissioner Gordon and Tara Strong will be Batgirl.

Batman: The Killing Joke features Joker escaping Arkham Asylum and messing with the heads of Batman and Commissioner Gordon at Barbara Gordon’s expense.  The book also gives the Joker’s back story.  The comic is renowned for its particularly dark nature and twist on the idea of sanity.

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A Bombshell Review: DC Comics Bombshell Fashion Collection




You may remember from my previous reviews that Hot Topic and I have a love/hate relationship. I love everything about the clothes, and the hardcore representations of fandoms. I just can’t stand their sizing! This time around, DC Comics Bombshell collection is on the block. Fortunately, my local Hot Topic had every item from the line in store. Everything I tried on is a size XL, except for the Wonder Woman shorts, which are a size 15. A quick note before we dive in, I am not wearing the proper undergarments. I wasn’t expecting everything to be in store, so pardon the sports bra. Let’s begin!

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Graphic Novel Review- Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business

stk675874Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business, written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, features several 1- to 2iissue stories. Babs faces off against video game-makers gone rogue, Livewire, a new GCPD-sanctioned Batman, an evil corporation, The Velvet Tiger, and in the last issue, her own past.

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Ba Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Babsgirl: A Hipster Story For n00bs

imageIssue 35 of Batgirl brought HUGE changes for Barbara Gordon. According to the creative team, you could pick up that issue and start the series without feeling lost. As someone who started reading comics fairly recently, I’m always waiting for someone to tell me where to start. With the costume redesign and new creative team, I jumped in. The trade paperback (whole story arc) starting with issue 35 has been released, and anyone who hadn’t previously been picking up the issues can start the series.

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The Daily Geekette’s Best of 2014!

The votes are in! Today, on the day of the Golden Globes, we here at the Daily Geekette would like to formally announce the winners of the Best of 2014 Awards!

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Geekettes Take the Comic Con: Saturday Edition

The highlights for today will be short, as we find ourselves exhausted from running around the Javitz Center and carting around tons of free books.

Apologies for the graininess.
Apologies for the graininess.

The absolute highlight was that every single panel we attended, the panelists brought up encouraging women to get more involved. Bill Nye and Randall Monroe encouraged women to ask for raises and get more involved with science. Cory Doctorow continued to encourage women to ask questions at his panel. Asi Burak encouraged women to get into programming and the gaming industry. Not to mention, the Women of Marvel and Women of DC panels were pretty close to impossible to get in to. That makes me (Kayla) over the moon, happy.

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An Interview with Babs Tarr

Marilla Costuming

When Batgirl’s new costume was revealed, a few of us at the Daily Geekette went nuts gushing over how wonderful it is. When I found out Babs Tarr, half the creative team behind the redesign, was going to be at Boston Comic Con, I did a happy dance, called Sarah Wanger, and pursued an interview like the crazy fan that I am.

Walking around the convention, there were Batgirls everywhere, and even a Batgirl in the newly redesigned costume (pictured right). When asked if they had been to Babs Tarr’s booth yet, all of them immediately started gushing over how nice she was, and how excited she was to see people cosplaying Barbara Gordon. I couldn’t wait until I got to meet her!

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Bluebirds in Gotham: The story behind Batman’s new female sidekick

Last February, Batman’s most recent in a long line of Robins was killed in issue #8 of Batman, Inc.. This wasn’t the first time a Boy Wonder had been lost in the line of duty but it certainly hit fans and characters alike particularly hard since Damian Wayne was not only very young, essentially still a kid, but also Bruce Wayne’s own son.  Granted, this is the comic book world we’re talking about so, chances are, the snarky son of Batman will be alive and kicking in a year or so, but for the time being the Caped Crusader has been left without a partner.

It’s taken a full year of mourning, angst, and plot but, as of February 12th Batman is no longer flying solo. His new sidekick? A brand new female character named Bluebird with a creation story that should make lady comic book fans everywhere a little bit more hopeful for DC’s future.

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