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CUT! Costume and the Cinema: A review.

It’s been a busy summer for this costume designer, between mounting shows and traveling to various museums for costume and fashion exhibits. While some shows have been hit-and-miss, I never regret seeing what new museums have to offer!


Most recently, my co-workers and I trekked up to Sandwich, Massachusetts to visit the beautiful Heritage Museums & Gardens to see the CUT! Costume and the Cinema show. It was pretty exquisite– keep reading to find-out more about the exhibition and the museum!

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The Gal-lery: Hannah Frank.

While the name Hannah Frank might seem rather innocuous and totally unfamiliar to most people, her pseudonym Al Aaraaf might spark an association in some minds, albeit it might be thanks to the eponymous Edgar Allan Poe poem from whence her nom d’artiste was derived.

At any rate, Frank was an illustrator, sculptor and poet whose legacy began back in 1925, when, at the age of 17, she started creating art nouveau-inspired drawings reminiscent of the late 19th-century illustrator Aubrey Beardsley.

Hannah Frank. Source.
Hannah Frank. Source.

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The Gal-lery: Pablita Velarde.

Born Tse Tsan in 1918 in New Mexico on the Santa Clara Pueblo, Pablita Velarde was not only the first female student to be admitted to the Santa Fe Indian School and the first Pueblo woman to be published (The award-winning Old Father Story Teller, in 1959), she won awards and accolades (both national and international) over her long career as one of America’s most culturally significant artists of the past century.

Pablita Velarde. Source.
Pablita Velarde. Source.

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