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“Ghost in the Shell” Live Action Clips Debut Online

Filled with controversy since the moment it was announced, the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures co-produced movie, Ghost in the Shell,  seems to be losing fans rather than gaining any. But with the release of the first ever footage from the March 2017 release – showing Scarlett Johansson as “The Major” in all her cyborg glory – these clips might cool your rage a bit rather than adding more fuel to the fandom fire.


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Pros and Cons of ConnectiCon 2016–On How the Con was Run This Year

ConnectiCon was the first convention I ever went to, back in 2007. I’ve been going sporadically since then and it’s interesting to see how the con evolves from year to year. There were some major organizational changes this year, some for the better and some for the worse. If you’re considering going to CTCon next year take a look at the way things were run, though keep in mind it could be completely different next time, as the organizers see what worked and what didn’t. Continue reading Pros and Cons of ConnectiCon 2016–On How the Con was Run This Year

Carly’s CTCon Highlights

Didn’t get a chance to go to Connecticon this past weekend and want to know what you missed? Or were you there and just want to know what I think? I’ll tell you about my favorite costumes, panels, and shows, close encounters with special guests, activities to do in between events, and more. I even got to ask Sean Astin (actor of Sam Gamgee and voice of Raphael in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles) about feminism in TMNT! Read on if you want to know what he said… Continue reading Carly’s CTCon Highlights

Fatherhood and Fandom

Fandom tends to be seen as an inherently male interest.  We have so many cultural stereotypes enhancing this belief.  From The Big Bang Theory to “the fake gamer girl,” nerdiness always seems to start as something male, and then move towards women.  For a while, this was pretty accurate.  In 2010, only 35% of New York Comic Con attendees were women.  However, as time goes on, these men get married.  They have kids, and they pass on their nerdy genes.

With that in mind, I asked my fellow writers if they had inherited any of their geekiness from their fathers, or for any good stories about how their fathers inspired them towards the nerd community.  Here are the responses I got:

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Convention Etiquette from a Con-Goer

Each year I try to go to at least one convention. While I’d like to go to more, some have proven to be more hassle than they are worth. One thing that always seems to be an issue and a big complaint amongst other convention-goers is the etiquette that we see from our fellows.

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Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – All Them UtaPri Feels Edition


Welcome back for another chapter in the world of Simulcast Corner. This week, we’re gonna take a look at a group of hotties who sing, dance, and have the best hair colors humanly possible. That’s right, it’s time to return to the world of Uta No Prince Sama and take a look at their third season, REVOLUTION. So let’s sit at the piano, pour out our melodramatic feels, and discover what is going on with the boys and girls of the “shining” UtaPri universe.


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Anime Boston 2015: Pre-Con Coverage

Howdy, readers! As many of you know, it’s Convention Season, which means DG Con Coverage! I’m lucky enough to be  covering Anime Boston this year, a convention that is near and dear to my fangirl heart as I’ve been attending it for a decade. Even though I should probably be packing rather than writing, I’m amped up for AB 2015, plain and simple. Take a peek at what I love about Anime Boston and what I’m looking forward to this weekend.IMG_0773_edit

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Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 17 Review: All That Jupiter Love


Ah, Toei. I think it is about time you admit something that is becoming painfully clear: You love the heck out of Sailor Jupiter. Toei, baby, it’s okay to tell us the truth. In fact, many of us love the Thunder Senshi just as much as you do, but at this point, your favoritism is becomingly incredibly, almost laughably obvious.

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Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Fangirl Dreams Coming True Edition – Fushigi Yuugi The Musical

main_simulcast_versionSo, I have a deep, slightly guilty, anime-related confession: I am a pretty big fan of Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play. The story of girl meets multiple hot individuals, with magic, romance, and bloodshed, has become a cult classic among the anime community since its debut in the mid-90’s. And this series, with all its cheese and over the top moments, is becoming a brand new stage show in Japan! Yeah, that means a lot of old, middle school anime feels are coming back for this fangirl. So let us dive into the Universe of the Four Gods this week on Simulcast Corner! Continue reading Dalin’s Simulcast Corner – Fangirl Dreams Coming True Edition – Fushigi Yuugi The Musical