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“Ghost in the Shell” Live Action Clips Debut Online

Filled with controversy since the moment it was announced, the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures co-produced movie, Ghost in the Shell,  seems to be losing fans rather than gaining any. But with the release of the first ever footage from the March 2017 release – showing Scarlett Johansson as “The Major” in all her cyborg glory – these clips might cool your rage a bit rather than adding more fuel to the fandom fire.


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I Believe in Heroes: “Tiger and Bunny – The Rising” Movie Review


Last week, I touched upon my love of a recent anime called Tiger and Bunny. It’s a show that I think has never gotten the proper praise it deserves, and one that also shares a very intense and devoted fan base. Due to said fan fair, the series received two theatrical films that both retold and continued it’s existing story. The film that progressed the tale of Kotetsu and Barnaby was finally released to American theaters this past weekend, known to fans and spectators throughout the world as Tiger and Bunny: The Rising.


The story of The Rising begins a year after the events of the anime series. We meet our heroes, now split into two groups (a sort of A class and B class) with everyone’s favorite duo running the second group. When the new owner of Hero TV steps onto the scene, he fires Kotetsu and hires a new Hero to partner up with Barnaby, Ryan Goldsmith. This begins a downward spiral for the title pair, testing their (and the other Heros) friendship and trust, along with fighting a new baddie.

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