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Remembering Louise Rennison 

imageBritish author, Louise Rennison, who published twelve books with Harper Collins, has passed away. Very few details about the author’s death have been made public. Harper Collins Executive Publisher for the Children’s Division released a statement earlier today, in which she shared, “Publishing Louise was a joy. She was beautiful to know and saw the funny in everything.”

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The Daily Geekette National Cat Appreciation Day Post

On Monday, I reminded my fellow Geekettes that National Cat Appreciation Day was coming up and asked if we wanted to post something. Within half an hour, there were 42 comments, all about cats and cat merch and cat-like characters.

Basically, we, as part of the internet, really love cats. If you ask very nicely, we will show you pictures of our own cats. And tell you their birthdays. And what their favorite toys are.


However, you didn’t ask. So here are our favorite famous cats. (In all seriousness though, my cats are definitely the most beautiful, well-behaved cats ever.)

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