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Pokémon GO from Different Perspectives

On July 6th, Pokémon fans everywhere grabbed their cellphones and raced to the app store to download Pokémon GO. One step outside and it was clear that everyone was out to catch Pokémon. The word spread like wildfire, and the Daily Geekette sparked a great idea. We wanted to share our experiences of our Pokémon GO journeys with each other and with our readers. Without further delay, here are the different perspectives of the Pokémon trainers at the Daily Geekette. Ready, set, go!


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Pokémon GO Field Testing: Calling All Trainers!


It’s 2016, which moves us one step closer to the release of Pokémon Go! Pokémon GO is the dream app for all Pokémon trainers that will be available through IOS and Android devices only (rather than on Gameboy devices as has been the norm for Pokemon games). Players can now experience catching their own Pokémon in the outside world. That’s right, you no longer have to search for Pokémon through a tiny, virtual, playable character; YOU and only you are the Pokémon master with this app, where mobile location and expanded reality collide to create a Pokémon app to do this generation justice. Whether you are a new trainer or a Pokémon veteran, this app will drive and inspire players to go beyond any boundaries they’ve seen before.

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Monument Valley: A Testament to What Mobile Games Can Be

Ustwo’s Monument Valley

When was the last time you played a truly moving game…on your phone? There has been a rise, in recent years, in games that function not only as interactive entertainment, but also as aesthetic and emotional experiences – Journey, Child of Light, Transistor, to name a few – but these are often games released for consoles or computers, the traditional platforms where one would expect a beautiful and moving environment to appear. Monument Valley is a much smaller game, one that fits in the screen of your iPhone or Android phone, but nevertheless manages to pack a walloping punch that you never saw coming.

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Let’s Talk About Comic Con!

Though the biggest gaming news from SDCC may have been the announcement of The Last of Us movie (possibly starring Arya Stark, no less – I can only imagine the crossover fiction), there were enough exciting tidbits to keep our tanks – running low after the smorgasbord that was E3 – running. Let’s take a look at some of the more important announcements, and the women featured in them.

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