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Personal Reading Challenges: Nonfic November

Over the summer, I participated in a Sci-Fi reading challenge by Fortified by Books. In addition to motivating me to get around to reading some great sci-fi, it made me realize something liberating: you can invent your own reading challenges! For years, I have been participating in those year-long 50 category challenges, but sometimes they started to feel oppressive. That’s why I love these short-term challenges that increase my knowledge of a specific genre. So this fall, I challenged myself to break into a genre I rarely touch, by reading as much nonfiction in the month of November as I can. Here are some of the books I chose: Continue reading Personal Reading Challenges: Nonfic November


The Art of Asking: A Lesson on Kindness

Before I review The Art of Asking, I have to talk about my personal experience getting the book. I moved to Massachusetts four years ago. I knew one other person who lived in the state when I made the decision to move. Four years later, I’m attending Amanda Palmer’s event at Boston Book Festival. As I walk down the line to get in, I see friends from college, friends from home in New Jersey, friends I met through New England’s nerdy online communities.

Terrible shot, but the only picture I have from my first Palmer and Gaiman event, a book release for Anthony Martignetti
Terrible shot, but the only picture I have from my first Palmer and Gaiman event, a book release for Anthony Martignetti

I realized something, then. I realized that I’ve created my own community filled with kind people, and most of that is thanks to my admiration of Amanda Palmer and her husband, Neil Gaiman. Over the four years I’ve lived on the South Shore, I’ve seen Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman twice. I’ve seen Neil Gaiman on his own once, and Amanda Palmer in concert several times. Every time I went, I asked friends from school to go with me, turning casual friends into best friends. At every single one of the events, I made new friends.

When the tickets for Amanda’s Boston Book Festival panel went up, she tweeted about it, and I saw it. I brought friends from New Jersey and friends from college. Once our spot in line was secured, I bounced between groups of friends, giving hugs, catching up.

That’s what The Art of Asking is about.

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My Pop Stars on Broadway Dream List

imageSince Lady Gaga blew everyone away on Sunday at the Oscars, it got me thinking about how many celebrities have been train wrecks on stage, while I would kill to see others. Lady Gaga, a Juliard graduate, did not surprise me at all with her stunning performance.

Here’s a list of some other crazy good singers I would like to see sing their hearts out on the stage, and the roles I’d like to see them in:  Continue reading My Pop Stars on Broadway Dream List

Maybe This Time She’ll Stay: A Look at Fan-Favorite Sally Bowles

imageEmma Stone is going to be the next Sally Bowles and my goodness, does she rock it! The image that was released yesterday (pictured left) shows the most haunting look in Stone’s eyes. If that image is a prediction of what’s to come, I’m excited.

For those unfamiliar with Cabaret, it is the story of a British man who visits Germany right before WWII and gets mixed up with a group of interesting folk at an underground club. WWII ends up seeping into the club throughout the play and impacting each character in a huge way.

While the Emcee is often peoples’ favorite character in the play, Sally is the star. What intrigues me to no end is that this show has been around for decades and Sally still feels fascinating and important. I’d like to present to you some of the Daily Geekettes’ favorite portrayals of this iconic role:

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