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“Time Jump” – Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Review

Back in 2010, everyone and their mom was waiting for the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It was the movie that every Hot Topic kid had fantasized about since their first purchase of a Nightmare Before Christmas wristband, and with every new image and trailer, the anticipation grew and grew. But some 6 years later, many viewers of the original still debate about whether Burton’s take on the famous tales of Lewis Carroll was actually good or not. But what cannot be denied is it made a bucketload of money, and as a result, we now have a sequel: Alice Through The Looking Glass, now directed by James Bobin and starring Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen, along with many other familiar residents of Burton’s Wonderland.


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A Rabbit Hole of Wonderland Inspired Clothing? I’m In!

New collections are always a thing to celebrate. The day Hot Topic sends the pre-order email, I squee with joy and browse the options. This time, however, Torrid (Hot Topic’s sister store) released an email at the same day and time. Both stores are releasing a clothing line inspired by the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Cue my fangirling.

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5 Purrfect Reads for Cat Ladies this Valentine’s Day

All kinds of love are valid on Valentine’s Day, including our affection for our furry friends. If cat cuddles and curling up with a book are your idea of the purrfect date, then take a journey with me through this list of literary works featuring cat companions. Whether it be witty bordering on snarky, loyal ‘til the end, or possessing magical knowledge or power, a cat on the character’s team is sure to make for a good book.CatValentine

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The Daily Geekette National Cat Appreciation Day Post

On Monday, I reminded my fellow Geekettes that National Cat Appreciation Day was coming up and asked if we wanted to post something. Within half an hour, there were 42 comments, all about cats and cat merch and cat-like characters.

Basically, we, as part of the internet, really love cats. If you ask very nicely, we will show you pictures of our own cats. And tell you their birthdays. And what their favorite toys are.


However, you didn’t ask. So here are our favorite famous cats. (In all seriousness though, my cats are definitely the most beautiful, well-behaved cats ever.)

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Dragons and Women: A Winning Combination

imageDragons have become very popular recently. With George R. R. Martin and Peter Jackson giving dragons new life on the screen (though technically both The Hobbit and Game of Thrones have been around for years) it’s not uncommon to find gifs of dragons, sketches of dragons, and even cakes with dragons on them on the internet. Originally, dragons were the enemy. Now…? Dragons are often still the enemy, but more and more they’re becoming the friend, the allies in battle. Perspective on these gold-obsessed creatures is changing in a fascinating way.

There are several dragon books I’m particularly fond of because of their portrayal of women. I love seeing the relationships between humans and dragons in different worlds, or maybe just how a world of dragons would work.

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