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“Tale As Old As Time” Rewind: “La Belle et La Bete” 1946 Version


We’ve now arrived to a point in which I can talk about a crown jewel. Yes, many of you have wondered when I’d be bringing up this version—and now, it is time. This week on Tale As Old As Time Rewind, we’re going to examine the beloved classic version of Beauty and the Beast made in 1946. Directed by Jean Cocteau, this is considered, next to Disney’s, the most iconic rendition—and for good reason. Most other adaptations wouldn’t exist without Cocteau’s being created. And with that, we should give it some respect. So let’s take a look at what many consider to be the best version of Beauty and the Beast to ever be made.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.52.28 PM

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“Tale as Old as Time” Rewind: The Hello Kitty Versions…. with Squirrels!?


I’m sure many of you are wondering what the heck the title of this article is alluding to – but trust me, this is gonna be a fun installment in this series. Why? BECAUSE IT IS HELLO KITTY WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! Yes, the iconic symbol of cute from Japan even took a few unique takes on the “Tale as Old as Time”. We’re going to focus on one in particular (aka the cooler version, by my standards) and see how Miss Kitty herself spins this classic story. And as promised, there are squirrels involved. Let’s jump right into this week’s Tale as Old as Time Rewind! 


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Top 5 Anime Duos of 2016

The cast of Kiss Him, Not Me

While a fan of romantic comedies, I’ve often felt that they, intentionally or not, tend to “lessen” the value of other kinds of relationships. I find it difficult to immerse myself in stories where the characters don’t much exist outside of the main couple and their problems. It’s just as important to recognize the love between friends and siblings, so in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be listing both platonic and romantic pairings for my Top 5 Anime Duos of 2016.

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“Tale as Old as Time” Rewind: 80’s TV Series Starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton


As a child of the late 80’s/90’s, I grew up with one particular version of Beauty and the Beast which stuck with me big time. It would remain not just one of my favorite adaptations, but one of my favorite TV series of all time. So welcome back to Tale as Old as Time Rewind, where this week we’re going to explore the underground caves and subway lines of a show you may have heard of. Let’s take a look at the 80’s TV version of Beauty and the Beast – starring Terminator‘s Linda Hamilton and Hellboy‘s Ron Perlman.


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In Memoriam: John Hurt (1940-2017)

john_hurt2On the evening of January 27th (for those of us on the western side of the Atlantic), it was announced that beloved actor, John Hurt, had passed away, aged 77. Hurt is not the first major celebrity death of 2017, but his loss is keenly felt by these Geekettes, who had grown to love him in a variety of roles over the years.

Sir John Hurt was knighted in 2015 for his services to drama, and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that same year. In a career spanning six decades, Hurt was nominated for two Oscars, and won four BAFTA awards and a Golden Globe. He is survived by his wife of 12 years. As of this writing, there is no official statement regarding cause of death.

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“Tale as Old as Time” Rewind: George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere’s 1976 Version


Throughout my life, people have always been curious about my fascination with the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Yes, it is “A Tale as Old as Time” that dates back as far as Greek mythology, with multiple adaptations. But what really peaks my interest is the various media takes on the story. Whether they be set in the Fantasy realm or taken to modern day, the various films and TV shows based on the classic story all have their own quirks and unique qualities. Essentially, there’s a version of Beauty and the Beast for everyone.

So for the next upcoming weeks, I’m going to give you a break down of my favorite movie/TV adaptations. You’ll meet Beauties and Beasts of cartoon form, filmed in black and white, and even ones from other countries (outside of English-speaking ones at least). Now, to begin our adventure into the many takes on “The Tale As Old as Time,” let’s start with an oldie but a goodie to get you into the spirit. It even has some elements that eventually led to Disney’s take on the story! So without further ado, I present The George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere 1976 TV Movie.


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It’s only been two days since the season 3 finale, and I haven’t even had a chance to write my review of the season as a whole. THAT’S how much a hit TNT has with The Librarians, which is officially renewed for a fourth season!

Credit: TNT
Credit: TNT

Sunday’s finale felt a tad rushed, given the slow build-up from the rest of the season. But I’m looking forward to seeing this series continue.  I want to know what the prophecy of “Eve Baird will change the fate of the Library forever” really entails.  Keep an eye out for my review of season three, coming soon!

What do you want out of Librarians season four?

Bri’s TV Corner: Recap Catch-Up Edition

Okay, holidays and end-of-the-year festivities can be exhausting and/or distracting to anyone. And given the note that 2016 ended on, I hope our dear readers understand and will forgive that I fell behind on the weekly TV recaps.

But! Better late than never, eh? Here’s a massive recap post to catch you up on Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD as we continue into 2017. Keep an eye out for my separate post about season three of The Librarians.

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The Many Goodies of Fire Emblem Direct

Fire Emblem Direct

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical roleplaying video game franchise having originated from Japan with an emphasis on camaraderie, strategy, and perma-death. And of course, dragons.

Just a few days ago, Nintendo released a twenty-minute segment featuring not one, not two, but three future Fire Emblem games to debut this year – in addition to a sixteenth title in the works. As a newcomer to the franchise, I’ve been slowly learning who’s who in each game and find that the upcoming ones do well to showcase fan favorites. Whether you’re in the same boat as me or a veteran who didn’t have the luxury of s-supports and unbreakable weapons back in the day, you’ll be certain to find something to your taste.

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’90s Kind of World: Living Single TV Reboot

Usually TV reboot news makes me cringe. Why mess with certain classics? But in the wake of Norman Lear reinventing One Day at a Time for a Latin-American family, I’m trying to be a bit more open-minded.

NOW I’M ECSTATIC, because Queen Latifah says there’s talks for a reboot/revival of Living Single.

For those of you going “Huh?” right now, I feel sorry. Let me educate you – Living Single was a series by Yvette Lee Bowser, focused on six friends living in New York City, navigating their love lives and professional lives. It was one of the most popular African-American sitcoms of the era, and ran for five successful seasons on FOX, of all places! With an all-black cast!

Living Single had sisterhood and dating journeys before Sex and the City, and had apartment roommate shenanigans before Friends. Hell, it WAS the template for Friends, as Latifah elaborated last night with Andy Cohen when she made the announcement

But more than anything, it had realness. And as one of the original cast members, I trust producer Queen Latifah to keep that realness for the new century.  Now as I go  ponder lyrics for the revival’s theme song, I’ll leave you to jam to the original. Better yet, seek out the series itself: TVOne, Logo, and Oxygen are the most likely to air reruns, though they’ve been sparse as of late. UPDATE: LivingSingle-TV has seasons two through five available to watch on dailymotion.

While we’re on the topic, let’s address the lack of DVD sets and streaming availability! Sign those petitions, people!