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Top 5 Superheroines That Need More Screentime

Wonder Woman.jpg
The Amazons of Wonder Woman

Judging by the internet, I’m not alone in saying that Wonder Woman has restored my faith in DC. As a fan of their animated features, especially the earlier version of the film made in 2009, I was pleasantly surprised by Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Princess of the Amazons.

But with the film doing as well as it is, I couldn’t help but mull over how many other superheroines deserve more screentime. Too often are such characters left less fleshed out, pushed to the side, or tokenized in lieu of their male counterparts. While full-length movies and spinoffs aren’t for everyone, the following five characters definitely deserve more love. I did my best to pick a variety of girls and women who are beloved in their own right – if only a bit underused.

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From Fates To Feathers: My Experience With Fire Emblem Heroes

FE Heroes Logo.jpg
Fire Emblem Heroes

Being #FatesTrash, I dived into Fire Emblem Heroes with a passion from the day of its release on February 2nd. Two months in and it’s already given other gacha games a run for their money. Literally. Not only does Heroes bring together characters from almost every Fire Emblem series, but it acts as a solid introduction for newcomers to both the franchise and genre itself. While the in-game currency is a bit on the pricey side, you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy Heroes. This free-to-play game is fun, intuitive, and chockful of content. The developers clearly care about the fans and the giveaways and updates are indicative of this. If you’re looking to get into a mobile game or two, Fire Emblem Heroes may be the one for you.

Who knows? Even if the gameplay and story don’t peak your interest, I guarantee you’ll discover some new favorite characters.

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Top 5 Anime Duos of 2016

The cast of Kiss Him, Not Me

While a fan of romantic comedies, I’ve often felt that they, intentionally or not, tend to “lessen” the value of other kinds of relationships. I find it difficult to immerse myself in stories where the characters don’t much exist outside of the main couple and their problems. It’s just as important to recognize the love between friends and siblings, so in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ll be listing both platonic and romantic pairings for my Top 5 Anime Duos of 2016.

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The Many Goodies of Fire Emblem Direct

Fire Emblem Direct

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical roleplaying video game franchise having originated from Japan with an emphasis on camaraderie, strategy, and perma-death. And of course, dragons.

Just a few days ago, Nintendo released a twenty-minute segment featuring not one, not two, but three future Fire Emblem games to debut this year – in addition to a sixteenth title in the works. As a newcomer to the franchise, I’ve been slowly learning who’s who in each game and find that the upcoming ones do well to showcase fan favorites. Whether you’re in the same boat as me or a veteran who didn’t have the luxury of s-supports and unbreakable weapons back in the day, you’ll be certain to find something to your taste.

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Top 5 YA No-Nos At A Glance

Young Adult novels. Young Adult novels everywhere.

Judging from the mediocre successes of Allegiant, The 5th Wave, and that of the more recent Nerve, Young Adult novels and their cinematic counterparts appear to be losing steam. Then again, it’s not entirely fair to compare said works to the likes of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and (SIGH) Twilight. After all, who can predict if a book – or a potential franchise – will end up being a hit?

Nonetheless, a valuable lesson can be learned from the root of these so-so movies.

I’d like to believe that audiences have not only caught onto the many tropes that plague the YA scene, but refuse to accept them any longer. On that note, here are my top picks for things that dissuade me from picking up a book based on its surface alone.

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All’s Fair In Love, War, and A+ Supports: The Lasting Power of Fire Emblem Fates

Promotional art for Fire Emblem: Fates

As tends to be the case with me and popular video games, I’ve only just gotten around to playing Fire Emblem Fates (known as Fire Emblem if in Japan) due to wanting to avoid the mad memefest that was its localization in the U.S. But after more than a year of familiarizing myself with the game’s delightfully trope-ful characters and spoiling everything Birthright and Conquest, I was finally ready to tackle the three routes. For my first run, I chose to side with Hoshido and forged onwards with a clear sense of what to expect.

Or so I thought.

All it took was one painful decision and a knight with the worst bed head in the army to remind me of the incredible power of role-playing when it comes to making players search their own hearts.

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Tips For The First Day Of School (feat. Your Favorite Anime Characters of Summer ‘16)

No one knows how to rock the first day of school (or save the world) better than an anime protagonist can.

So what could possibly go wrong with taking the advice of a whole bunch of them?

1) Eat Breakfast 

A banana paired with a glass of milk will do.

An infant Bananya

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How Do You Like THEM Apples?

Over the Garden Wall

A promotional image for Over The Garden Wall

If the names Anderson and Grimm ring a bell, you probably already know that their stories were cautionary tales detailing the most creative of punishments for disobedience. However, with the ever growing popularity of everything Disney, it’s hard to remember fairy tales being anything but happy. Today’s post seeks to amend this by drawing attention to three works that manage to find beauty in both light and darkness.

While the dark may not be your cup of tea, it certainly makes for some interesting twists and turns along the way.

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Top 5 YA Novels That Need Their Own Comic Book Adaptions

Young Adult novels. Young Adult novels everywhere.

With graphic novels and web comics being as popular as they are, it’s hard to imagine a time in which they were seen as lesser forms of literature. And yet, their growing status as both an academic discipline and mainstream pastime – one that masterfully ties art and storytelling together – is relatively new. It is this unique balance that often makes the consumption of comic books a make it or break it deal for novice readers.

However, what would happen if the decidedly marketable YA novel were to be adapted into a comic? Would said novices be more inclined to read one?

In the hopes of gaining a fresh look on top of a wider audience, several titles have already sought this treatment. The following five definitely pack the energy, mystery, and worldbuilding needed of not only great books, but great adaptions.

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Top 5 Pokémon That Need To Be in Sun and Moon

Alola Trainers
The New Avatars
Alola Starters
The starters from left to right: Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio.

Although I was not particularly fond of Pokémon Black and White nor X and Y, Nintendo’s reveal of Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio as well as the gorgeous Alola region – inspired by Hawaii – have reinvigorated my love for the world of Pocket Monsters.

With several Pokémon Sun and Moon tidbits having been released in the past month, speculation among fans is well under way. Staples such as the three starters and common bird, bug, and rodent are already guaranteed – but what of the rest of the game’s ensemble? For this article, I’ll be sharing my top picks for which Pokémon should both return and be realized in the newest addition to the franchise.

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