“Go, Go…..” New “Power Rangers” Trailer Drops

Here we “Go, Go” again, with a new trailer for Saban/Lionsgate’s modern big screen adaptation of Power Rangers. Does it look anything like your childhood? Or does it redeem any issues the internet might have had with the project before? That remains to be seen. But if you’re curious, give the trailer a click so you can form your thoughts.

I’ll be frank – this incarnation of the Power Rangers has been a big ol’ bag of confusion for me. We have a franchise that really is only surviving on nostalgia at this point, and not too many little kids are screaming for more adventures with Kimberly, Jason, Billy, Zac, Trini or Tommy. The original TV series is considered cheesy by most newcomers at this point, leaving the audience for this new incarnation somewhat divided: do we make this only for the fans or for a new group that can hopefully become part of the fandom? And with this new trailer, the answer is clear that Lionsgate and Saban are at least trying to do both.

The trailer opens with several shots of our new cast that we’ve seen before – they’re “misfit” high school kids who discover some weird stones that give them unforeseen abilities. We are then finally given our first real image of Zordon, the “Obi-Wan” of the Rangers, played by Bryan Cranston – along with our first clip of Alpha 5, the lovable yet slightly irritating robot sidekick, voiced by Bill Hader. There’s also more Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa (even in some new non-green outfit that has only been shown in on-set photos) along with our first real look at the various Zords, including Pterodactyl and Tiger getting decent action shots. Indeed, the Power Rangers checklist is coming together nicely.


The one aspect I find to be the most disappointing – as a young child of the 90’s who adored the Power Rangers and their villains – is the design of Goldar. Taking the original beastly gold creature (who in the American version had one of the most iconic and hilarious voices in the series) and changing him into a melted cheese walking statue with no face seems completely lazy and uninspired. Rather than jumping for joy that one of my favorite Power Rangers baddies made it into this reboot, I instead feel the need to sit with a palm over my head in great disappear. It isn’t that hard to update his design, Lionsgate. Seriously, I know children that could come up with something better than this.


Yet, putting all of that aside, I feel Power Rangers is headed in a better direction than it could have been. Sure, I would have loved to not have my Mighty Morphin crew looking like Iron Man rip offs, but I’m getting used to it. Would I have wanted Jason and Kimberly to clearly be heading into the romantic couple direction? Heck no. And would I have wanted Rita to possibly be in the position of the Green Ranger? Probably not, at least outside of my own personal dreams at the age of 5. But I am happy that the filmmakers are attempting to be as faithful to the material as they can, while also making this “cool and hip” for the kids. Just don’t mess up Lord Zedd. You have one job Power Rangers – one job!

So what do you think of the new Power Rangers movie trailer? Are you pumped to see your favorite 90’s series brought to life with modern day effects and a decent budget? Are you excited to see Bryan Cranston as Zordon? Who was your favorite Ranger growing up? Comment below with all your thoughts. 


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