Dalin’s Oscar Predictions 2016 – Best Actress Edition: Jackie and Friends

Hello, movie friends! I’m back with another Oscar-hopeful filled article to help you with your Award season picks. And now that the Golden Globe nominations have been announced, we can get a better idea of the true buzz around Tinseltown. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 ladies that could take the slots for Best Actress at the Oscars this coming February.


Best Actress(s)


Natalie Portman, Jackie

There are two women who are at the forefront of the Oscar race, and one of them is Natalie Portman playing one of the most iconic first ladies in American history. Jackie might not be the movie that is going to sweep the awards season completely, but people are talking Natalie up in the way most bio-pic performances get praised. She is a shining gem in a movie that seems to some like it is a bit typical for the drama sub-genre. Could she take the gold? Only if the other frontrunner doesn’t steal it from her first.


Emma Stone, La La Land

If you were to ask me for my very biased opinion, Emma Stone should be the winner for the Oscar this year. Electric, wide-eyed and damn near magical, Emma’s performance is refreshing amid an Oscar season that will likely reward a much darker and more depressing sort of film (as it typically does.) She has the makings of an iconic Hollywood star, and her turn in La La Land deserves to be recognized enough for her to go past being a recognizable face and into the legacy of Hollywood as a whole.


Ruth Negga, Loving

For the past couple of months, critics in many circles have been singing the praises of Ruth Negga’s turn in the drama Loving. Though there have been a few other notable performances that could steal the spotlight from her, there is a chance this is Negga’s year to shine. 2016 has in fact been a great one for her, especially with her success in the Preacher TV Series. Could she beat out Stone or Portman? That would be a lovely treasure to behold for an actress that’s definitely deserved to be recognized for some time now.


Amy Adams, Arrival

It’s hard to choose which performance from Ms. Adams should be rewarded this year, but considering the hype and popularity of Arrival over Nocturnal Animals, I’m sure this will be the one to get her a nomination. She might not exactly have a chance at grabbing the gold completely, as there are many other people in front of her in the race. However, with the subtle yet layered attention she brings to her role in Arrival, I’m sure you can expect to see her name on the nominee list for sure.


Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Once in a while, the Academy loves to recognize a foreign film performance just to be a little different and (shockingly) “edgy”. A few years ago, Marion Cotillard was that girl, and she ended up surprising everyone by taking home the gold. Will Isabelle Huppert do the same? That remains to be seen. But with her powerful turn in Elle, the kind that does create interesting Oscar talk, she could be taking Marion’s place in being the French Wild Card of the category.

So what are your thoughts on the Best Actress? Do you think Emma or Natalie will take the gold, or is it really Ruth Negga’s time to shine? Thinking someone got snubbed from this list? Comment below with your thoughts. Next week, we’ll focus on the Best Actor category. Until then, see ya at the movies!

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