“Star Trek: Discovery” Announces New Cast Members


Someone (aka the people at CBS Television) have clearly gone into my brain and taken the fan fiction I wrote at 14 years old, and have brought it to life. What do I mean? Well, the folks behind the new Star Trek series (Discovery) have announced some more casting – and hold onto your nerdy tissues, because this news is incredible. That’s right, in addition to previously announced Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), we found out that two more actors have joined the cast -Anthony Rapp (Rent) and Doug Jones (Hellboy). If this sounds crazy amazing to you, then clearly this (like it is for me) is your nerdy dream come true.

Though I’m not the Star Trek focused writer on the site (that’s Caitlin’s job; you can read her reviews here), I can’t ever deny my love of all things Trek. And hearing that three actors whom I’ve loved for a very long time (particularly Jones and Yeoh) will be principle players in this new series, fills my heart with nerdy joy from top to bottom.


So what roles are these mega talents taking on? Yeoh will be playing Captain Georgiou, the Starleet Captain in charge of the Starship Shenzhou. Yep, that’s right, Michelle will not only be kicking some major butt (obviously) but she’ll be narrating some Captain Logs too (and her voice is enchanting, in any language might I add). Jones will be playing Lt. Saru, a member of a new species within the Trek universe, who is also the Science Officer aboard the Shenzhou. Rapp will be taking on the role of Lt. Stamets, who is being reported as the first openly gay character in a Star Trek show. He is also a Starleet Science Officer, who is an expert in  astromycology and fungus. 


Star Trek has always been a franchise known for bringing diversity to the forefront of pop culture since its television debut in 1966, and it seems that tradition is continuing with Discovery.  Not only are we going to have another incredible female Captain to add to the history of the franchise with Georgiou, but having Anthony Rapp play Stamets is also going to help the series continue boldly going in new directions. And yes, I’m already secretly hoping that Saru is the new Data or Spock. Call me silly, but knowing how much of a pro Doug Jones is at bringing creature characters to life, I’m sure he’s going to make Saru as memorable as those two.

So, are you excited for this new Star Trek series? What are you looking forward to the most? Which actor are you the most excited to see? And do you giggle (like our own Megan has confessed) to knowing that there is a fungus expert on the ship? Comment below with your thoughts!

Star Trek: Discovery is expected to debut in May of next year on CBS All Access. 

1 thought on ““Star Trek: Discovery” Announces New Cast Members

  1. I haven’t been excited about Discovery. Hedging my bets and waiting until some cast and character announcements. But the fact that there’s a confirmed gay character, outside of the “controversy” brewed up by George Takei, makes me *really* happy.

    PS Thanks for the shout out!

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