Disney’s Live Action “Beauty and the Beast” Official Trailer Debuts

If you have been following this site for a while, you’ll know that your good ol’ friend Dalin has been a bit obsessed with a certain Disney release coming in March 17th of next year. And she’s also been waiting a heck of a long time for the official, non-teaser trailer to drop. With the release of Moana shortly, it makes sense that the House of Mouse finally gave this Movie Princess what she wanted. And it truly is a dream come true. 


Prepare the nostalgic tissues and click below to see the fully, edited masterpiece in all its trailer perfection glory.

Now let’s get into the dive into the speculations and specifics of this (and I promise, no more third person talk anymore!).

Firstly, the trailer opens (like the prior teaser) on the cursed castle, and the (now ripped) portrait of what we can assume is The Beast as a human child with his family. We then finally are shown new footage, with Maurice (played by Kevin Kline) lost within the castle gardens, taking a white rose (for whom we can assume is Belle). This is interesting for the simple fact that this aspect of the original story (in which Belle’s father is a failing merchant that attempts to bring Belle a gift back home) has been embedded within this new re-imagining  – a scene that was supposed to be in the animated version, but was ultimately scrapped. Kudos to Bill Condon and the writing team for including this in the new version.


This is followed with a recreation of the scene in which Belle (Emma Watson) and Beast (Dan Stevens) first meet, within the dungeon of his castle. This also allows us our first listen to Dan Steven’s take on the “Beast Voice,” along with seeing the Motion Capture rendition of the character in full motion.

The results? Though I would have liked him to have a bit more of the famous fangs he had in his animated incarnation, and his horns in a different direction, this is a take on the character I could see myself absolutely loving (just as Belle will eventually). This also proves (thus far) that Dan was the perfect guy for the job – he has a lovely mix of intensity, sensitivity, and bold emotion that is required for the character. And that voice (though definitely manipulated) could live up with the Robby Benson (original Beast) hype.


The rest of the trailer gives us exactly what everyone has been curious to see – The Enchanted Objects (which is likely the one thing that’ll take a lot of getting used to), Gaston and Le Fou being ridiculous and angry (props to Luke Evans and Josh Gadd being, also, perfectly casted), and of course – you guessed it – the ballroom scene.

Now there has been a lot said about “The Dress.” Personally, I do find it a tad too modern than I would have liked it to look. But seeing it on screen is much better than the cheap and blurry images that Entertainment Weekly released this past week. Would I have liked it to be more historically accurate? Yes. But can I find the beauty “within” this version? Eventually – but I’ll be holding onto my love of the Broadway version for much longer.


So, the big question, what do you think of the official Beauty and the Beast trailer? Comment below with your favorite moments, least favorite aspects, and everything else in between. Are you excited for Dan Steven’s getting top billing outside of Downton Abbey and The Guest? What do you think of the costumes? Are you gonna scream the lyrics of Gaston when you step into the theater? Tell us all your feels!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be released March 17th, 2017

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