New Wonder Woman Full Trailer Released

As the resident trailer fan here, I feel it my duty to let you know that the new one for 2017’s Wonder Woman has hit the internet – and in my honest opinion, it’s pretty fantastic.

Many DC and Comic Book Movie fans have been very hesitant to get excited about Patty Jenkins’ cinematic adaptation of the famous female empowerment icon. But with the Comic Con trailer that debuted over the summer, and now this recent bit of advertising, Wonder Woman feels like it is going to be one of the better DC adaptations, and maybe will fix the issues of the past few “Snyder-verse” movies (looking at you, BvS).


The trailer begins with reintroducing us to the present Diana Prince, looking at the same photo she did in Dawn of Justice, which seems to make her fall back into her memories of the past – specifically the moment when she rescued her soon-to-be human friend (Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine) and discovered the true dangers of the World of Man. We see more of the Amazon beach fights from the Comic Con teaser, plus Diana showing how incredible of a “secretary” (Steve’s words) she can be. All of this, plus more Danny Houston as the mysterious possible true baddie of the film, Matthew Jenson’s breathtaking cinematography, along with more Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) comedic moments, sell this movie from start to finish.


But what stands out the most about this trailer is the possible story structure to come. One of my past complaints about the prior DCEU films (or at least those involving Mr. Snyder) relate to their stories having truly no focus. But with Wonder Woman (at least via the trailer) we have a pretty classic tale, the kind the DCEU desperately needs. There’s a beginning, middle, and an end that I’m sure will leave room for a sequel – but the kind that won’t require a Debbie Downer proof blanket and a Tylenol for the headache inducing battles and muddled speeches.


With a taste of The Rocketeer, some Lord of the Rings, with a sprinkle of Downton Abbey, there’s a lot of fantastic feasts for the eyes and nerdy heart with this first Woman film. Until then, we’ll all just have to hold our breath, our shields, and our lassos of truth, and pray this is the beginning of DC movies being what they should be as opposed to what they have been.

What do you think of the Wonder Woman full trailer? Comment below with your favorite moments, worries, and full on fan thoughts. Are you excited? Is Etta Candy becoming your new favorite everything? Do you love Danny Houston? Because you should.


Comment below with all your feels below. 



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