This Week on TV: Oct 22-28

Welcome back, TV lovers! This week, Emma’s forced to come clean about her vision while searching for Aladdin on Once Upon a Time. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma prepares for her next lie-detection test, while the rest of the team tries to intercept a ghostly abduction at a prison.

Once Upon a Time 6×05, “Street Rats”

The Evil Queen kills the Oracle girl after trying to get information about Emma’s vision. She then kidnaps and impersonates Archie, then prompts Emma to confess the vision to her family. Meanwhile, the immediate murder suspect is Shirin, who reveals herself as Princess Jasmine. She enlists the Charming family’s help in finding the savior Aladdin. Emma hopes that finding Aladdin alive means she is not beholden to the vision of her death.

In flashbacks, we learn that Princess Jasmine recruited Aladdin to find a weapon that will stand up against Jafar’s magic. Their adventure in the Cave of Wonders triggers Aladdin’s magic for the first time, confirming the princess’s suspicions that he is the savior. Jafar tempts him to avoid his heroic – and fatal – destiny with a pair of magic shears. Aladdin stands up to Jafar and saves the day in the first of many implied encounters with the vizier. Their respective duties to the kingdom draw Aladdin and Jasmine on parallel paths, preventing them from acting on their feelings.

In the present, the hunt for Aladdin takes the gang to a crypt hidden deep within Storybrooke’s cemetery, and Shirin/Jasmine is distraught with evidence that Aladdin is dead. Emma and Henry share a heartfelt moment in the crypt, where she tells him that she doesn’t regret anything in her life since Henry knocked on her door on her 28th birthday. Hiding nearby, Aladdin reveals himself and hands over the magical shears to Emma. He reunites with Jasmine, but has to admit that he used the shears and no longer has the power of a savior.

Emma promises “no more secrets” to her family, and gives Hook the shears to dispose of. To the collective frustration of the audience, Hook holds onto the shears after pretending to throw them in the ocean. He claims they’re “thousands of leagues under the sea,” a not-so-subtle foreshadowing of next week’s episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4×05, “Lockup”

AoS things that instantly make me emotional: Mack’s shotgun-ax, Coulson’s holo-shield, and the bond between Melinda May and Phil Coulson. This episode had all three!

The ghostly Dr. Lucy Bauer forcibly wakes her comatose husband to find where he’s hidden the Darkhold book. He dies from her touch, but not before telling S.H.I.E.L.D. that she’s got the book. The gang’s only remaining lead at determining Lucy’s intentions is Robbie’s imprisoned uncle, Eli Morrow. Agents May and Coulson head to the prison to transfer him as a protected asset, but soon realize the entire penitentiary is infected by Lucy, who’s also after Eli.

Armed with an antidote to the ghost touch, Mack, Daisy, and Robbie infiltrate the prison. Robbie struggles to keep the Ghost Rider under control when he spots the last remaining member of the Fifth Street Locos, the gang responsible for putting his brother in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Daisy separates from May and Coulson – partially to help them escape, but also to pursue her own suicidal mission against The Watchdogs.  She’s a tad cranky when May and Coulson make their way back to save her life, but not as much as the rest of the team is when Robbie’s vengeance kick allows Lucy to abduct Eli.

Meanwhile, Jemma’s lie detector test starts to send up red flags when Director Mace enlists her help in a televised debate. Jemma provides Mace with hard facts in his debate against the anti-inhuman Senator Nadeer, but the Director eventually goes off-script and publicly comes out as an Inhuman, making his poll numbers soar. Jemma manages a win of her own: a micro-expression she observed during the debate indicates that Mace’s war hero record may not be genuine, which she uses as leverage against him to prevent further polygraphs.

What did you watch this week?

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