This Week on TV: Oct 8-14

Welcome back, TV lovers! This week, Once Upon a Time featured Cinderella (Jessy Schram) with a shotgun tracking down her stepsister in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, on Agents of SHIELD, Jemma races against the clock to save Agent May’s life, while the rest of the team investigate blackouts by a so-called Inhuman Resistance.

Once Upon a Time 6×03, “The Other Shoe”

Because a happy ending isn’t complete without a shot gun

Okay, I’ll suck it up and say it: this was a good episode. But I had a hard time watching it, because I’m bitter that it makes events implied on OUaT in Wonderland not canon. The whole time I was watching Clorinda and Jacob’s little love story play out, I kept thinking “This should’ve been Will and Anastasia.”

Emma’s therapy sessions with Archie continue, where she admits the tremors and visions are hindering her magic. Regina plans to get information from Hyde about how her evil half can still be alive after crushing her heart. Unfortunately, her evil counterpart beat her to the punch, so Hyde’s mum on the issue. But perhaps a partnership between Doctors Jekyll and Frankenstein will yield something fruitful. Meanwhile, Ashley tracks down her recently-arrived stepsister, Clorinda. It seems as though Ashley/Ella wants revenge,  but in fact she’s looking to apologize.

In flashbacks, we learn that the night Cinderella met her prince, she changed several lives. Clorinda, the supposed evil stepsister, was just as much a victim of Lady  Tremaine’s abusive parenting as Ella. She plans to run away with Jacob, her lover and the prince’s footman. Ella encourages them to go to the Land of Untold Stories, where Mommie Dearest can’t find them. Unfortunately, Ella is coerced into a confession and unable to stop her step-mother’s actions. Lady Tremaine assaults Jacob and drags Clorinda to the Land of Untold Stories as punishment.

In the present, Emma tracks down the dysfunctional family reunion: a bitter Clorinda’s heart softens when she reunites with Jacob, but Lady Tremaine shoots Ashley/Ella. Emma finds the power to heal her, and, despite her concerns about the future, asks Hook to move in with her. By far, my favorite moments were not major plot developments: Snow and David striving to find normalcy in Storybrooke, Dr. Frankenstein returning, and Billy the mechanic’s cameo in Ella’s flashbacks as Gus!

Agents of SHIELD 4×03, “Uprising”

Just as Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) is about to revive Agent May (Ming Na Wen), the power goes out.
Just as Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge) is about to revive Agent May (Ming Na Wen), the power goes out.

Oye qué pasó, blackout blackout! Several major cities, including Miami and Los Angeles, experience a sudden loss of power, and an Inhuman Resistance claims responsibility. The faceless group claims to oppose The Sokovia Accords and Registration, but it’s a sham by The Watchdogs. The militant, anti-inhuman group has gotten their hands on the government’s registration list and uses the blackouts to target and kill Inhumans. One such target is Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez in Miami: she teams up with Mack, Fitz, and Coulson to track down the EMP the group is using and turn the lights back on.

While going to rescue his stranded, wheelchair-bound brother, Robbie Reyes tells Daisy that his Uncle Eli used to work for Momentum Labs. So Eli probably has something to do with the Darkhold and whatever experiment caused the ghosts we met last episode. The same folks whose touch has driven May to insanity and an imminent death unless Jemma and Dr. Radcliffe can stop it. They succeed with the human equivalent of “turning it off and turning it back on again.” And following Coulson’s advice, Director Mace uses the recents events to publicly announce SHIELD’s return as a legitimate agency.

Season four is doing a phenomenal job showing the affects of The Sokovia Accords, much more than Civil War did. Parminder Nagra appeared as Rota Nadeer, a political pundit who’s very public about her Anti-Inhuman leanings.  In private, she’s the one who financed the Watchdog blackouts. I’m interested in finding out more about her motivations; we were given a glimpse at her “brother”, who looks like someone that didn’t survive terrigenesis.

What did you watch this week? Are you interested in recapping for Daily Geekette? Let us know your thoughts!

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