This Week on TV: Oct 1 – 7

Welcome back, TV lovers! Agents of SHIELD took a break this week, but OUaT didn’t waste any time bringing The Evil Queen to the forefront as a threat to Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time 6×02, “A Bitter Draught” (Brianna)

Marveling at Regina's progress
Marveling at Regina’s progress

In the present, the Evil Queen magicks herself around Storybrooke, stirring up trouble. This includes sending the Count of Monte Cristo to kill Snow and Charming. She originally enlisted him back in the Pre-Curse days, but some meddling on Rumplestiltskin’s part drove Edmond Dantes to the Land of Untold Stories. After all, if he succeeded in killing the Charmings, then Rumple’s plan involving Emma and the Dark Curse would never have come to fruition.

I was happy to see Archie Hopper in another episode, as Emma is continuing to see him for therapy in relation to the vision of her death. Also, Killian apologized to Belle for his prior actions against her and offered to let her live on the Jolly Roger. The apology was at least two years overdue, but I digress. Even though I didn’t exactly love the plot, Lana Parrilla really rocked this episode, playing both Regina and EQ as separate individuals.

DISCOMFORT ALERT: this episode introduced some very unpleasant sexual tension between the Evil Queen and Rumple/Mr. Gold. Before the episode “Skin Deep”, I had pondered the ship known as Golden Queen. But five years later, this implication is just….wrong. Despite their frequent antagonism, Regina and Rumple’s relationship is that of mentorship and perhaps a substitute father figure. And is it really too much to ask that ONE woman of the Mills family doesn’t want to bang Rumplestiltksin?

Looking ahead, next week’s episode is going to be particularly bitter for this TV fan. But on the lighter side, we’ve got more returning shows, like the much-loved Supergirl!

What did you watch this week, TV lovers?

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