Bedtime for Batman: A Review

29058898Normally, Daily Geekette does not review children’s picture books.  Normally, children’s books are not this awesome and catered to our specific audience.  Bedtime for Batman is a picture book by Michael Dahl.  The book tells the story of a little boy going to bed on one page.  On the opposite page, it parallels the boy’s life to Batman’s life of crime fighting.

Bedtime for Batman is such a sweet book, with a perfect hook to get little ones interested in wrapping up the day.  One example of the parallel between a child’s bedtime and Batman is cleaning up at the end of the day.  The little boy is seen putting his toys away.  Batman has a few villains in handcuffs.  The metaphors are simple, and each time the boy’s evening routine is likened to heroism, I couldn’t help but “awwww” out loud.

9781623707323_intEthen Beavers provided the adorable art for this book.  It is incredibly reminiscent of my generation’s Caped Crusader, Batman: The Animated Series.  I can definitely see many of my friends purchasing this book as a baby shower gift so that the next generation can grow up on these ideals.

My wish is that this book is so successful, they come out with a whole series.  Here are some titles I would be more than willing to lend to DC and Dahl:  Lights Out, Green Lantern; Night-Night Nightwing; Sleepy Time for Super Girl; and Catnap for Catwoman.

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