Pirate Speak Etiquette

ee9d9d5b2ad0de4de99a50c7d9abfe28Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Geekettes! We at Daily Geekette Headquarters treasure this day as our one day of the year it is (almost) socially acceptable to really stretch out your aarrrrrrrrsssss. However, if one day isn’t enough for you, we’ve put together a list of ALL the times it is socially acceptable to talk like a pirate.

When I reached out to my fellow Geekettes to ask them this question, I was not expecting nearly this many responses, and I definitely wasn’t expecting the variety of responses I received. This list is fairly lengthy, but trust me when I say, stick with it to the end.  You’ll get a good chuckle.

  • On Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • When at a Rennaissance Faire.
  • When at a pirate party.
  • When riding Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World.
  • When at a pirate-themed amusement park.
  • When buying Captain Morgan, Kraken, or Admiral Nelson.
  • When drinking rum.
  • When the rum is gone.
  • Whenever anything reminds you of a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Especially when you’ve got a jar of dirt.
  • When you’re at the beach.
  • When on a boat or water vessel of any sort.
  • When you’re listening to Abney Park.
  • When reading books about pirates (Carly is just about to start Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb!).
  • At an Alestorm show.
  • fa6101624acd011cc248596230ebbc51When you’re ordering a coffee from Starbucks (that barista is never going to see you again).
  • When playing Pirate Flux or Pirate Munchkin.
  • When surrounded by your crew of adventurous mateys.
  • When you’re at a Steampunk event.
  • When watching Spongebob Square Pants.
  • When you’re downloading music on the Internet, of course!
  • When watching Peter Pan.
  • When watching Hook.
  • Halloween.

Lastly, the response I received more than any other response, and always with multiple exclamation points:

  • All the time! (except maybe at important meetings or job interviews. But you know, it’s your life.)

So if Talk Like A Pirate Day is enough for you, enjoy your day of pirate eloquence!  If you need more, we sincerely hope you use our list of suggestions, and if you do, please let us know!  Leave us a comment in your best pirate speak!

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