American Murder Song to Tour This October

imageTerrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, who most recently collaborated on Devil’s Carnival: Alleluiah! are touring again! This time, they’re taking their newest project,  American Murder Song, on the road. Zdunich and Hendelman are calling this the American Wake Tour, and tickets are available here.

The big question: what on earth is Amercian Murder Song? It’s different from Repo: The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival in that it is not a film. There seems to be an emphasis on live performance, but visuals are still in use. DG’s Debbie Farber got a glimpse of American Murder Song this May. Here are her observations:

American Murder Song is the new EP from Terrance Zdunich (pronounced Zoo-ditch) and Saar Hendelman. On Friday, May 13th, attending Steampunk World’s Fair, I was privileged enough to see Terrance Zdunch and Saar Hendelman perform ten “Murder ballads” and a surprise song or two from Repo! The Genetic Opera.

What is a Murder Ballad? Well, it’s a form of ballad that originated in Europe and began to be written down in the 17th century. These songs convey stories about murder, murderers, the crime itself, and sometimes the punishment.

Throughout Zdunich and Hendelmans’ performance, there was the sound of horse and buggy to give the feel of the old west. Black and white stop-motion animation was used to set the mood, which I have to say, was eerily creepy. The music told stories with a folk sound that included banjo and acoustic guitar. The performance was dark and at times humorous. Terrance sang most of the songs while Saar accompanied on keyboard. When they did sing together, their voices complimented each other beautifully. Terrance has a rich baritone voice that projects, even in a large room. At one point, Terrance began to sing “Genetic Repo Man” and was joined on the stage by a female fan from England who, surprise, had a beautiful voice.

imageThere was just one problem: the room had been overbooked, so vendors and their customers had to hang out in the back. They were laughing and chatting (loudly), making it tough to hear the music. Other than that, the night was a real success.





American Wake Tour promises to be a unique experience! DG will definitely be there! Will we see you? Comment below and let us know if you’re going or what your expectations are!

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