DG’s Who’s Who in Hogwarts Houses!

What’s in a Hogwarts House? This year, we interviewed some of the witches here at the Daily Geekette to find out where it is the Sorting Hat assigned them.


Using the following questionnaire, some of our staff waxed poetic on their responses, while other offered some concise answers:

1. What Hogwarts House were you sorted into by Pottermore?
2. What house were you hoping to become a member of before you were sorted?
3. Do you feel that your house assigned by Pottermore is appropriate? Why or why not?
4. If you had to choose a secondary house, what would it be and why?
5. What common attributes (positive AND negative) of your house do you feel truly fit your personality?
Keep on reading to find-out who got sorted where at the DG!

Carly O’Connell – (Books Contributor)
1. During the first version of the Pottermore sorting, I was Hufflepuff. In the new version, I am Ravenclaw.
2. I was hoping to be sorted into Ravenclaw.
3. I was rather upset when I got sorted into Hufflepuff as I strongly identify as Ravenclaw. I almost made a new account to try again but I liked my automatically assigned username too much. Looking back, I can see that I have some Hufflepuff qualities like diplomacy, dislike of conflict, being comfort-oriented, etc., but I still think my scholarly, logical side is more core to my identity. I was much happier when the new version of the sorting quiz put me in Ravenclaw, where I feel I truly belong.
4. I really don’t think I have a secondary house. I’m only a little ambitious like Slytherins; like Gryffindors I do have some strong ideals that I stick to, and like Hufflepuffs, I’m all about inclusivity. But my real passion and motivation has always been the acquisition of knowledge, especially when I was younger, at the age I would have been sorted at Hogwarts. I feel like many of my qualities related to the other houses developed later in life as I became a more well-rounded person.
5. As a Ravenclaw, I think I embody the qualities of intelligence, independence, and valuing knowledge and education. As for negatives, I can also become frustrated with others who don’t have that same interest in learning and order. I prefer working alone over working in groups, and I often don’t trust people to get a job done as well as I can.

Kayla Farber – (Co-Editor-in-Chief)


1. Gryffindor on Pottermore; Hufflepuff on the quiz that has every Pottermore question.

2. Hufflepuff.

3. I do not. I think my defining trait is my caring nature, rather than boldness.

4. I’m definitely a Hufflepuff, but I can see how I’d fall into Gryffindor.

5. As a Hufflepuff,  I’d say I am very caring, which is definitely a positive and a negative. I care deeply about my friends, family, and students, but I also give more chances than I should.

 Melissa Sims – (Style Contributor)

1) Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw.

2) I was really hoping to be sorted into Gryffindor, initially. But Ravenclaw was always my second house choice.

3) My sorting is fitting, to an extent. I am extremely book smart. I’m creative, original, very accepting, and people tell me I am wise beyond my years. All the common attributes of a Ravenclaw. But I show traits of a Gryffindor too.

4) Gryffindor, hands down. It is where I belong. Plus,  the extended Pottermore quiz said I was a three way hat stall between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

5) See answer 3.

Megan Gianniny – (Co-Editor-in-Chief)


1.  Gryffindor (under the old quiz, and I chose to keep it when they did the new one).
2. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.
3.  I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. On bad days, I have trouble believing that I’m really a Gryffindor. But on good days, I have a lot of house pride. I’ve always identified strongly with Hermione, so I figure if she was a Gryffindor, it makes sense that I am, too.
4.  Probably Ravenclaw, because I love learning, but lately I’ve been wondering if I might be a little bit Hufflepuff because I am also very loyal and hardworking.
5. I think the number one thing about being a Gryffindor for me is having a strong moral compass and wanting to stand up for what I believe in. I don’t think I fall on the “reckless” side of Gryffindors, but I have been accused of being self-obsessed before, probably because when I work hard on something I’m really proud of, I want people to know about it!

Brianna Murch (Film Contributor)


1. I was part of the Pottermore Beta testers in 2011, which meant that after a month of eagerly awaiting for my welcome email, I finally entered Pottermore in September. I remember trying to speed through the first few chapters because I wanted so badly to get to the Sorting Ceremony. When I finally did, I had a rude awakening: Hufflepuff. I felt confused.

2. Although I had no feelings of ill will towards the house of the badger, I had identified for years as a Ravenclaw. For about twenty four hours I had an identity crisis – the sorting questions had been made by JK herself.

3 & 4.  Had I been deluding myself these past few years? I liked books and cleverness, and Hufflepuff was….What the hell WAS a Hufflepuff, really? It was the “catch-all house”, for lack of a better term. So for the first few months, I reconciled by identifying myself as a Ravenpuff. And then, between playing on Pottermore and some really nice HP meta on tumblr, I started to accept and identify as a Hufflepuff with pride.

5.  There are good and bad characters from every house in the book series, so we really need to do away with the Slytherin = EVIL and Hufflepuff = dorks mentality. Hufflepuff got the short end of the stick in the book series. It’s really the house we know the least about. Originally JK Rowling intended for Harry’s adventures to lead him into the common rooms of every house (Slytherin in Chamber of Secrets, Ravenclaw in Deathly Hallows). But, as she explained on Pottermore, Rowling realized it didn’t really fit the narrative. My understanding of Hufflepuff House has grown since that fateful day when I was sorted, and now, in 2016, I couldn’t be happier to be a Hufflepuff. I’m patient and hard-working, loyal and affable. I value fairness and dependability, but sometimes I will flee from conflict if I have to face it on my own rather than I may be afraid to speak up for myself, but I will gladly speak up on behalf of someone else. And yes, I AM in fact a very excellent finder.

Deanna Leigh Farber – (Books Contributor)
1. I was sorted in to Hufflepuff but when I first took the test I was a hatstall (According to Pottermore, a hatstall refers to an archaic Hogwarts term for any new student whose Sorting takes longer than five minutes.) and got to choose between Slytherin and Hufflepuff.
2. I was hoping to get sorted into Hufflepuff because I don’t think I would fit into any of the other houses well.
3. I definitely feel the Pottermore assignment is appropriate. I could see how I would have traits of both Slytherin and Hufflepuff too, so the hatstall made sense.
4. If I could choose I would probably choose Ravenclaw but I would probably be in Slytherin because I’d probably fit in there.
5. Positive: I’m friendly most of the time and I tend to live on the side of selflessness. I’m extremely family-oriented and exceedingly loyal to the people I care about.
Negative: I’m constantly doing what other people wants if it makes them happy. I’m bad in situations I’ve never been in before, and I don’t always speak my mind.

Lex Gurst – (Costuming Contributor)
1.  I was sorted into Ravenclaw!
2.  Ravenclaw was most definitely the house into which I wanted to be sorted.
3.  It’s an apt assignment. I am bookish, acerbic, a day dreamer and something of a know-it-all (although I prefer to think of it as having a vast font of ‘Jeopardy knowledge’ at my beck and call).
4.  Ahhh, at the risk of an unpopular answer, I actually have to say that Slytherin holds some appeal, when you look past its heavily-touted negative attributes. Slytherins are loyal and possess a marked perseverance, two traits which I’d like to think I have in common with them.
5.  I favor creativity and strategy, and basically making sure everything works like a well-oiled machine. If there is something awry, I like to find-out the root of the problem, with the hopes of fixing it. These are largely positive traits, I’d say, although they can walk the fine line of obsessiveness at times. On the downside, I can also be exceedingly non-social peridodically, retreating into my headspace, as opposed to dealing with actual people and the reality of life.


 What about you, dear reader? What’s your house, and do you feel that it’s an appropriate assignment? Let us know in the comment section!

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